My name is Michael Van Hoesen. I am the owner of MV Computer Help - A Tucson, Arizona based computer repair business. You need your computer to just work. You don't have time to mess with performance issues, error messages, or other computer problems. I will come to your location and make your computers work for you. I have over fifteen years of hands-on experience maintaining, repairing, and supporting computer systems and software. Additionally, I provide expert assistance with all aspects of Intuit QuickBooks small business accounting software. Call me at (520) 305-4707 - I can help.

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  Person Michael Van Hoesen
  City Tucson , AZ
  Address 5200 S. Country Club
  Phone Number (520) 305-4707

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Michael Van Hoesen

My name is Michael Van Hoesen. I am a Tucson native with over sixteen years of computer repair experience. I first started working with computers when I was twelve years old. The first time I fixed a computer that I did not own I was fourteen. That first computer was located in the library of the Jr. High School I attended. That computer was State-of-the-art at the time, and I was trusted to install a memory upgrade. I realized at that point that there would someday be a need for people who fix personal computers.

Over the years I have continued building, maintaining, and supporting computers and software. I have taken a good number of computer related courses and I have obtained four industry certifications. I can honestly say that there is still no classroom substitute for actually doing hands-on support and repair.

Throughout my career, I have worked for two large corporations - Canon, Inc. and Intuit, Inc. At Canon, I was a printer technician. I also did a lot of work with flatbed scanners. In 1999, I left Canon after being offered a position working with Intuit, supporting QuickBooks.

At Intuit, I spent seven years supporting QuickBooks at all various levels. I started out as a Level 1 Support Agent. If you were to call QuickBooks support for assistance, you would be speaking with a Level 1 Support Agent. As a Level 1 support agent, I spent 8 hours a day helping customers with all aspects of QuickBooks. In 2001 I became a Level 2 support agent; a capacity in which I helped Level 1 agents when they needed guidance or input on calls. In 2005 I became a Level III technician. I served in this capacity for about a year before leaving Intuit to start my own business.

MV Computer Help is a sole proprietorship, licensed for business by the City of Tucson and registered with the Arizona Secretary of State.

Starting my own small business has given me a new respect for small business owners. I approach each customer with the same service that I expect when I am on the customer side of the table. As the sole proprietor of my company, I have a vested interest in taking care of my clients and building lasting business relationships. I know that if I do not take care the customer, someone else will.

Thank You for visiting my website and considering my services.