We can create custom desktop or web based programs to make your office more efficient. If you find your office spends a lot of time and frustration dealing with spreadsheets, entering and re-entering data to try to generate reports - More Than A Geek can help. Why hire a staff person to do your computer work? For less than the cost of adding a staff member, I can maintain your office application needs, your network and your website for you.

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  • Web Site Programming

Serviced Areas

  • Port Saint Lucie, Fort Pierce

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  Person David McDonald
  City Fort Pierce , FL
  Zip Code 34949
  Address 1321 Carlton Court
  Phone Number (772) 380-8014

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David McDonald


Products & Services

Computer Upgrades

Often a computer just needs a good "clean up" include an upgrade of the memory (RAM) . I am surprised at how many brand name computers out there purchased a few years ago came with only 1GB of RAM. For a very reasonable fee, these computer performances can be more than doubled just by adding some memory.

RAM is not the only computer upgrade I can do. I can install an extra hard drive if you are short on disk space, I can upgrade your video card to watch those movies playing on your new DVD Drive, or anything else you may need.

Why try to do it yourself - avoid the frustration of computer upgrades and let me do it for you.