Longview Technology Consultants has a commitment to exemplary customer service, providing peace of mind, complete IT support, management and service with a smile to all customers. Drawing on strong old fashioned values of hard work, honesty and commitment, Longview Technology Consultants is available to assist with any need your enterprise may have. Whether your small business needs 24/7 monitoring with one-hour response times or simply a one-time consultation to address a specific problem, we want to be your IT partner.

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  • Longview, TX and cities within 5 miles

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  Person Tyler McFarland
  City Longview , TX
  Zip Code 75608
  Phone Number (903) 374-3886
  Mobile (903) 806-2036

Business Representative

Tyler McFarland


Customer Testimonials

My laptop was doing the blue screen of death for two months. It would always come back up so I didn't do anything about it. It finally did it three times in one day and that was it. I called the place that I had purchased it from and my warranty had run out 15 days earlier. They wouldn't do anything (without making me purchase a service contract that would exclude hardware issues).
I called Tyler and he looked at it. He was able to repair it and kept all my files intact. Thanks Tyler for a great job and a great price!

I have used Tyler's Computer Services numerous times for all my computer and iPhone repair needs. He has removed viruses from my computers, set up new computers, repaired a printer, and also replaced my iPhone screen a couple of times. Tyler is very professional, fast, and his rates are reasonable. I highly recommend this company!

Love their work! Always so nice and efficient. I recommend their services for all your electronic stuff. Beats the geek squad line anytime!

GREAT COMPUTER GUY!!!!!! Tyler had my computer fixed really fast and the fee for service fit into my budget. And he always helps me over the phone also. Tyler's Computer Service is the only one in town for me.

Let me tell you how amazing Tyler is, he is always available for our computer needs. He has immense knowledge in technical issues for your PC, Mac, etc.. he has been a huge help on setting all our computers in our office!! I would highly recommend him to anyone needing help setting up!!

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