LiamTek provides professional and affordable computer repair services at our store or at your home or place of business. We specialize in Laptop repair & Small Business Support. We accept full responsibility for our work. If we make a mistake we will remedy it at no additional cost to you. We will fix your computer in our shop or in your home. We also offer pickup and delivery if you don't want the hassle of disconnecting, transporting, and reconnecting your computer.

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  City Longview , TX
  Zip Code 75601
  Address 707 N High St.
  Phone Number (903) 686-0200

Products & Services


Virus Removal and System Tuneup
iPhone repair
Re-installation of Operating System (Windows or Mac)
New Computer Setup & Migration
Data Transfer
Automatic Backup (local & off site)
Data Recovery Service
Network Setup/Troubleshooting
Laptop Screen Repair
DC Jack Repair
Custom Built Computers
PC Upgrades
Computer Consulting
Managed Services/Contract Maintenance

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  • Fast responsive and cost way less.
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Liam really helped me out. He got all my documents back after I redid my windows. Liam got it done same day.. on a Saturday no less.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

Very professional. I decide to go with Liam's own virus protection instead of all the other types of virus protections out there. I have more confidence in it. So far it's worked great! Anything that comes up gets sent straight to Liam and he looks at it at his office. No pop-ups. and you can call him anytime with any issues. check it out!

I had an issue with my Mac Mini. Liam had it repaired the next day. I had a second Mac Mini I thought was dead. He said I needed an operating system update. He never charged me for the second machine. He took the time to explain the problems. I appreciate his help and patience. If you have a computer issue I recommend LiamTek.

I had a dying batter on my MacBook Pro and took it to Liam to check it out. On the negative side, Liam could improve on his initial face to face impression. With that said, as I got to know him, he was very thoughtful and extremely professional. He absolutely knows computers. So if you are expecting a customer experience as you'd receive at the Waileia Four Seasons then you may be unreasonable. If, on the other hand, you want your computer repaired by an extremely competent professional then look no further. I will definitely be back if I have other problems.

A friend referred me to Liam. I took my sons computer to him and it was fixed in a couple of days. We are still having some issues with it but Liam has been great with us. I have no doubt that he will get it up and running. I'm taking my other sons laptop to him to work on it too. I recommend him to anyone that needs any computer work. Prices are awesome too!
Thanks Liam!

FIVE is not enough stars, if I could I would double the stars. Small Medicare / Medicaid business. Anyone who looks, repairs, office visit, remotely takes over, etc has to be HIPAA Compliance, and he is. 30 years in the business and Liam is the best we have ever worked with. Love that he responds quickly to messages / calls. Needs a score of 10 for knowing exactly what is wrong and how to repair - in a very very short time. AND never having to re-do, visit, etc. If you want ONLY the best, I would without hesitation call Liam.

Very knowledgeable and innovative. My disc drive was locked up on my MacBook Pro and computer was running super slow.. He suggested removing the disk drive that I rarely use anyway using that space to expand the size of the hard drive. Now my computer is running as fast as it did when I bought it and has double the capacity. And I can get an external USB disk drive for cheap. I'll never go anywhere else for computer repair!

Liam Tek replaced my iPhone battery and worked on a 5 year old laptop. Liam is very polite and professional. I found him to be very fair with his pricing and I highly recommend him to everyone. He will get my future business, I guarantee.

LiamTek is fast, friendly and knowledgable service at very competative rates. A great value for your money. Trust me. I have repair experience and know the difference between a jacked up fee for a simple/quick fix and a fair charge for a job. Liam provides quality workmanship for a reasonable price. You get better service at a better price with Liam than you do with the other guys. I needed a DC jack replaced on my laptop and the other guys blew me off and told me to buy a new one because it would cost more to fix it. I knew better and realized they just didn't want to do the job and would rather get the easy money on a quick fix.

I called Liam because every single review on him was no less than excellent. I told him my problem and he reacted just the way I was looking for a tech to react and told me that he could and would do the job no problem and stated with confidence he does that sort of thing all the time. He quoted me an estimate which was well below the other guys and stuck to his estimate. I got my laptop to him asap since I found a tech not afraid to do the work at a fair price. I'm a huge penny pincher and usually do the easy stuff myself to save money and so it has to be well worth it for me to have it done for me. Liam did the job swiftly and professionally. He also threw in a couple freebies by cleaning out the dust build up and adjusting my power button correctly when he put it back together.

It was giving me problems ever since the manufacturer worked on it and put it back together incorrectly. So, it was in much better condition than it was even before I had the DC jack issue and he did this as a common courtesy. You get everything you should and then some for your money at LiamTek! He also backed his work for me in the form of tech support for an issue with my touchpad which was related to the power source upgrade he gave me at no extra cost. All in all my experience with LiamTek has been a positive one and I highly recommend LiamTek to anyone regardless of how computer literate you are.

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