LAB Computer is a team of talented technicians who specialize in computer repair, data recovery and network setup and troubleshooting. Our mission is to provide highly attractive, innovative and creative information Technology Solutions for small and medium companies in the Long Island, NYC area. We are a one-stop-shop and we offer customized computer repair and network installation solutions. We customize our solutions because we understand that every business is unique and we try to find the plan that fits each client's specific needs.

Residential Services:
Virus, Spyware and Adware Removal
Home Networking
Internet Setup, Security and Protection
Maintenance & Computer Cleanup
Data Recovery
Hardware & Software Support
Computer Training

Small Business Services:
Network & System Administration
Server Support & Maintenance
Custom Network Design and Implementation
Internet and Network Security
Wired and Wireless Networking Services
VPN Services
Firewall & Proxy Server Solutions
Systems Upgrade & Data Migration
Data Backup and Storage Solutions
Phone Systems Setup and Installation
Security Surveillance & CTC
Document Management & Paperless Office

Unlike geeks, we are professional computer technicians who strive to address all computer needs of our customers.

Contact Details

  City Bellerose , NY
  Zip Code 11426
  Address 240-21 Braddock Ave
  Phone Number (516) 280-8294

Products & Services

PC and Laptop Repair

We offer notebook computer repair, our full service netbook and laptop repair service center offers the best flat rate notebook and laptop repair. We offer both in-store, on-site and nation-wide mail-in service. If you wish to ship your laptop to us, please contact us today.

Our certified Long Island laptop and notebook repair technicians can repair ALL Toshiba, IBM / Lenovo, Sony, HP, Compaq, Panasonic; Dell laptops and notebooks as well as most other brands. We have fixed over 5, 000 computers since 2006, more than half of which are laptops. We can troubleshoot and fix your laptop for less!

Common laptop problems include:

Software repair:
Malicious software removal (Virus/Spy-ware/ad-ware/malware/pop-up removal)
Tune up (optimization, decfragmentation, cleaning)
Require software repair? Contact us today!

Visit our website for more information about the services we offer.

Virus Removal

We've all seen it happen: you or someone you know has downloaded something from the internet that seemed harmless enough at the time. Next thing you know, the computer has slowed to a crawl. Pop-up advertising starts to appear out of nowhere. Private information gets sent to some company you've never heard of. And the worst part? Trying to uninstall the software sometimes makes the problem worse. There's a battle raging on your computer right now to determine who owns your computer. Know thy enemy:

A virus is a self-replicating program that infects a PC and can cause anything from minor problems to permanent data loss. Spyware takes control of your computer and eavesdrops on your behavior without your knowledge or consent, exploiting you for commercial gain or to violate your privacy.

Even if you use anti-virus software and keep it regularly updated (which you should!) there are still some things those programs miss, or can only partially clean. We use several powerful automated and manual removal tools to ensure your system is truly virus and spyware free.

Apple Repair Services

If your Apple is out of warranty or if you need a fast turn around time, our technicians can help you with any hardware and software problems you may have for OS X, OS 9. x, and previous Mac operating system versions. We believe we are the best company in Bellerose, NY for Apple Mac repairs, and the more affordable. We offer support for the Apple G4, G5, iBook, and PowerBook series computers.

Have you received a high quote for Macintosh repairs/upgrades from another company? Contact us and see if we can beat it!

Customer Testimonials

"The owner of LAB Computer has been servicing my computers for years and the service has always been quick, successful, and done with reasonable rates. I've always been fully satisfied with the computer services I've received, which has included program set-up, virus removal, and repairs. I will definitely continue to use LAB Computer in the future and would recommend this company to anyone who needs help with their computers".

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