We deliver to your office and your home the best of traditional and emerging computer technology solutions. When it comes to computers technology issues of any sort, our team has been there and done that and won client satisfactions for their solutions. Our team has a passion for computers of all shapes, sizes and colors. Our aim is to eliminate the stress and frustration that individuals and companies have with their computers. Our team assists you in diagnosing and troubleshooting problems with your computer. High speed Internet, home networks, Internet sharing - Home computing is our area of expertise.

We offer support in the convenience of your time. We come to you when you can't come to us. Serving you at your location means we can provide the best service available when and where you need it! Working with you to ensure that we provide complete solutions, every time.

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  Person KEL Computers corp
  City New York , NY
  Zip Code 02345
  Address 3214 Harper St
  Phone Number (613) 241-5237