We have Microsoft certifications and real experience to go with the certifications.

Real experience includes, but not limited to:

* Microsoft Exchange installation, configuration & trouble shooting.
* Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, installation, configuration & trouble shooting.
* Windows desktop & laptops, upgrades, virus & spyware removal, protection.
* Migrations of users, groups, servers,desktops & laptops.
* Computer backups & restores, this includes servers, desktops & laptops.
* Computer repair for servers, desktops, laptops, etc.
* Secure remote support. We can connect to your computer remotely to assist you.
This allows us to see the same screens you see as if we we were looking over your shoulder.
* Data recovery from hard drives.
* Deleted digital images recovery from camera cards.

Contact Details

  Person JCF Consultants - Computer repair - Spring Hill Fl
  City Tampa, FL
  Phone Number (813) 767-6142