IrisInk is a division of Computer Stores NorthWest Incorporated (CSNW). CSNW owns and operates The Mac Store, PowerMax, Bodelin, and IrisInk. Our organization is one of the largest Apple Specialists in the nation, drawing on over 30 years of experience in computer hardware and software sales, technology manufacturing, technical IT consulting & project management, and hardware maintenance and service.

We work closely with industry partners such as Apple, Dell, RedHat, Sophos, Cisco, Juniper Networks and many more, to deliver cutting-edge professional services throughout the Pacific Northwest. We have all of the tools available at your disposal to react to even the most demanding technical challenges.

Our mission is to prove to you, over and over, that IrisInk's services are not simply an expense, but an investment - an investment that can pay dividends in unexpected ways. Keeping your network humming the way you expect is just the beginning of that. Our guiding philosophy is one that emphasizes a holistic approach with our clients. In other words, we function best when we're invited to look at your entire business, not just the behind-the-scenes IT or computer hardware.

Today's computer technology, especially as it relates to the internet, is expanding and changing at an exponential rate. Unless you're in those specific technology fields, there is just no way for most business owners or managers to keep up with the changes, many of which can lead to opportunities, as well as the prevention of unforeseen losses or other problems.

By merging our technical experience closely with our business know-how (we are, after all, also running a multi-million dollar multi-divisional business with hundreds of employees), we are able to partner with our clients to provide assistance with all the issues that today's technology touches: website development and e-commerce, software development, fraud prevention, network security, PCI compliance, and much, much more. Countless times, we have been able to make suggestions and provide ideas that served to increase sales or decrease costs, solved by technologies our clients weren't even aware existed.

We also understand that IT personnel can sometimes be very biased when it comes to their preferred solutions, platforms, historical implementations and so on. The advantage of IrisInk is that we're beholden to no one... except our clients. Within the philosophical underpinnings of our company, we stress the idea of "no ego;" that the best solution is simply the best solution, regardless of who manufactures it, who proposes it, or who wants to take credit for it. We also understand that solution will probably not remain the best option forever; when a new idea emerges that effectively obsoletes the previous idea, we learn all about the new technology. Since we keep up on all the happenings in that field, and have a wealth of experience over a broad expanse of businesses, we are able to offer you many alternatives on an ongoing basis.

In addition, since we have to manage our bottom line the same as you, we also clearly understand there are times when an old technology needs to be kept working; very few companies can afford to consistently implement all the latest technologies, and we understand that sometimes older technologies actually function better than new ones due to employee experience, cost of transition, or compatibilities with other aspects of your company.

Whatever the case, we take pride in offering multiple options and ensuring that we remain flexible and cognizant of your unique needs.

Contact Details

  City Lake Oswego , OR
  Zip Code 97035
  Address 6077a SW Lakeview Blvd
  Phone Number (503) 624-2014

Customer Testimonials

I really appreciate IrisInk's quick response to our IT needs. When it comes to something big, that could effect our productivity, they step up like it was their own business. They have some amazing guys on their team and we are sure lucky to have them on ours!

Having a maintenance contract with IrisInk has been one of the best decisions we've made. Knowing that a technician who can seriously fix anything gives us the peace of mind to focus on our work, not our computer problems.

Having a service contract with IrisInk is like having a Mac expert in house; (they) helped enable us to upgrade our system to state-of-the-art G5's now running on OSX and designing in Indesign vs. Quark. This transition during the holiday rush would not have been possible without the help of IrisInk.