Expert IT and Network Services Benefit from years of knowledge in designing and managing networks without the cost of hiring in-house team. We supply flexible support options for growing tiny to mid-size businesses. Although we're located in Stuart FL, amd support customers in Port Saint Lucie, Jupiter, North Palm Beach, Fort Pierce, Miami, and Orlando.

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  City Stuart, FL
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  Address 42 Southeast Sedona Circle
  Phone Number (772) 370-0944

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Is your network secure? Do you even know? Or are you afraid to even think about it? Today's exploits and vulnerabilities are ever-evolving and not just the destructive viruses of yesteryear. Today we have a whole new breed of threats that antivirus and firewalls alone won't resolve and often don't detect. Let us bulletproof your data so you don't have to think about it and feel good about not. Computer, Server & Network Hardware Support is the Core of what we do. We understand that you have better things to worry about, than what hardware is going to act up today.

In-Site provides cost-effective, customized IT outsourcing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in South Florida. Even if your business has a small IT staff and technology budget, your network can still have the same high availability and performance that once required a large internal support organization. In-Site's 24x7 Network Support Services provide the services of South Floridas' most experienced Microsoft certified consultants. Our proven approach to providing outsourced IT solutions results in satisfied customers and increased profitability for our clients.

In-Site understands the need for organizations to have the mobility that wireless networking offers. We also understand that organizations have a security concern over the data that travels over this type of infrastructure. At In-Site we will not compromise your security. We can set you up with a wireless solution that is comparable to your current infrastructure. With speeds reaching 1300Mbps, who wants to get tied up in wires anyway? We have the knowledge and expertise that it takes to implement wireless for you today.

Many technology companies believe that a firewall is the only thing that needs to be in place to protect a network. In-Site Technologies knows better. Next to your staff, your company's data is the most important asset of your company. There are many layers of security that should be implemented to protect this data, and In-Site Technologies has the expertise, experience and reputation it takes to insure that it is done correctly. When In-Site Technologies performs a security audit, our engineers investigate your network from all angles.

You need to know where network problems might arise in the future and how to avoid them. It is critical for any business. Would you like to know how to prevent network crashes, server failures, virus and spyware infections and unauthorized access to your network? Contact us today to schedule a Free Computer Networking Assessment and learn more about our computer networking solutions that will improve your network's reliability and performance. Even the best hardware and software is of little value if it is not installed and configured properly.

It can give rise to a more profitable, efficient and successful organization or it can present even more problems and chip away at your resources. For this reason, businesses throughout West Palm Beach, Stuart, Jupiter & Port Saint Lucie have confidence in us to install and support their organization's computer network technology. First get to know in depth your business, your expectations and your budget yield to your IT services expectations, not what we think you should have. Take advance action with computer support to avoid disastrous data loss and down time from taking place instead of reactively stomping out flames.

The center of you business relies on a stable network and the applications that depend on it. Downtime is not an option. In-Site understands the importance of high availability, the cost of downtime and constant break/fix requests. In-Site's certified consultants design and implement reliable network and application architecture solutions that maximize stability and uptime. In-Site will design or redesign your network from the ground up, optimizing the performance while staying within your budget.