Welcome to the online web portal for Home PC Patrol, northern Ohio's only total service, subscription based, computer maintenance firm. We provide everything from hardware & software installation and repair, to networking, internet security, and web page design.

Home PC Patrol was opened on the basic premise of honest service with upfront prices. We built our business model this way to combat the industry wide practices of fraudulent diagnosisís, vague estimates, hour padding, and inconsistent billing. Having worked for the biggest national computer Service Company for the past five years, I have seen not only a need for reputable service providers for the residential and small business consumer, but also a need for change in the way those services are provided. Currently, most PC service firms charge their consumers very expensive fees for a one time fix. A typical complete diagnostic and repair will offer consumer with upwards of a 200% gain in performance; unfortunately, that improved performance begins to suffer after about 90 days.

For this reason, we have created several, in home, subscription variants that will let you have a skilled technician optimize your system, on site, every 90 days. Quarterly Maintenance insures that your system will run at peak performance at all times. Regular maintenance will prolong the life of your system, keep it running like new, and improve your overall computing experience while ensuring that you do not incur the very expensive, one-time repair bills associated with other computer repair firms . Network and Internet settings and programs are kept in optimal condition to keep you surfing the web at blazing fast speeds. Personal information that is stored in your computer's memory is regularly removed to keep you and your family safe from internet crimes and identity theft.

In a culture that is becoming more and more reliant on PCs and the internet, affordable and reliable service is a necessity. I have priced the packages to be as affordable as possible as I recognize that todayís economy does not typically leave an abundance to spare. Many of you may find that the package prices I have designed are often much less than you have paid for single visit service calls in the past; this is intentional as we are looking to build life long relationships with our subscribers rather than high revenue days for a large company.


Serviced Areas

  • North East Ohio

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  Person Home PC Patrol
  City Sandusky , OH
  Zip Code 44870
  Address 416 Boston Rd.
  Phone Number (419) 202-5982

Products & Services

For those who prefer to pay for their PC service per instance or even if you originally hired someone else who was unable to finish your job or resolve your problem, Home PC Patrol offers a full line of In Home Stand Alone Services.

Home PC Patrol believes in honest, quality service at affordable prices. We charge a flat price for our services so that you know in advance how much your repair is going to be. We have made these rates to be genuinely affordable and much less expensive than the current pricing of most national service providers and local independent service technicians.

Large national computer service providers often rush through your repair in order to squeeze as many repairs as possible into one day. In doing so, they often only apply a 'band-aid' to your system to cover the scratch on the surface. The underlying cause is often times not addressed and that results in the need for additional service again and again and again. Home PC Patrol will not leave your house until your PC is repaired and passes all performance and security tests.

Many small PC repair shops charge an hourly rate and estimate that your repair will be complete in only a few short hours, only to call you and inform you that due to unforseen problems, your repair is going to take much more time than the original estimate and accordingly, will be much more expensive. With Home PC Patrol, whether your repair takes two hours or twelve hours, it will cost you only the standard price for that service.

Home PC Patrol strives to offer all of our customers with the most comprehensive support options available. We offer 24 Hour Emergency Service, Remote Assistance, and Telephone Support.

Combining these options with our world class in home service and maintenance, lets our customers rest comfortably knowing their computer is protected at all times.

Home PC Patrol now provides web site design and consultation from domain registration and hosting to search engine optimization. We view web page design as a way for our clients to affordably advertise their business and products. Unlike many web site design firms, our purpose is to design web sites that will allow our customers to control their own content and administrate changes themselves. To do so, Home PC Patrol recomends content management systems (CMS) over raw CSS and HTML webpages.

Using content management systems allows our clients an easy interface to post updates and make changes to their site without having to pay the recurring "maintenance" fees that many web site design companies use to double or tripple the initial cost in the form of yearly maintenance charges.

Home PC Patrol will design your site, layout, custom graphics, and enter your initial content. After that has been completed to your liking, Home PC Patrol trains you and your staff to make updates yourselves. Whether adding or changing weekly specials or updating staff profiles, your content is completely within your control. Of course should you require assistance or even feel overwhelmed, Home PC Patrol will gladly assist you with your update and can provide additional training.