With over 10 plus years of experience servicing clients. Located in the Hernando, Florida area. Our company is proud to provide un-surpassed customer service. We ensure every customer's demands are met and exceeded by getting to know their computer routine and making suggestions how to help them work more effeciently and economically. Sharing the secrets and shortcuts of computers with people is just one part of our commitment to excellence.

Dedicated to providing economical computer solutions for residents and small businesses alike. It's not just PC repair, but taking pride in giving every customer excellent service. Including a diagnosis of how or why you experienced trouble in the first place so it won't happen again. Helpful suggestions and safe guards are recommended to alleviate you from further issues in the future. Best of all most of these suggestions won't cost you a dime.

Contact Details

  City Brooksville , FL
  Phone Number (352) 573-9013

Products & Services

Quality Services

Quality Services

Every service we provide is stamped with our commitment to excellence. We go above and beyond what is requested to provide service that is unmatched. Sharing our knowledge of computers with our clients to help them utilize their time more effienctly and get more for their hard earned money. After all, information is meant to be free, and once your pointed in the right direction you will be working like the pro's do.

Listed below are the services we provide, most of which can be resolved over the internet remotely. Contact us for more details.

 Hardware & Software Repair and Upgrades.
 Wireless and Wired Networking and Security Setup.
 Virus, Spyware, and Malware Removal and Protection.
 Internet Parental Control.
 File & Data Recovery.
 Operating System Back-up and Recovery.
 Graphic & Web Design, SEO.
 Consulting for all Information Technology Purchases.
 Computer Software Training and Tutoring.

Customer Testimonials

We lost years worth of work when our server crashed. Hernando Computer Pro was not only able to recover all the data but also helped us implement an extensive back up for all of our important files on our entire network. They even set it up so the information is backed up off site to prevent loss from a fire. This provided us with peace of mind which allows us to focus on our jobs.

I had my computer repaired after I got a bad virus. Hernando Computer Pro was able to remove the virus in minutes and also provided me with the very best free software for Anti-virus and Protection. They even documented how they fixed the problem for me for future reference. I am proud to say my computer has been healthy for over 1 year since then.