MAMHA has chosen a managed service plan that was right for them and work is underway to eliminate all of their network and computer problems. How would it feel to never have computer or network worries again? Our proactive and preventative maintenance services supply us with the information, data, network performance trending analysis and security vulnerability information critical to service, plan and manage your IT environment.

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  City Greenville, AL
  Zip Code 36037
  Address 1101 East Commerce Street
  Phone Number (334) 382-3585

I have this for email service and have found it to very unreliable. I need email on a daily basis. I am finding that about twice a month they are down and there is no one to call on the phone. They have a phone number but if it's not convenient to them you get no response or you get an automated service that sends you in circles. I also contributed to the Katrina relief effort but I don't think that should allow me to for go my professional obligations.

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You have a lot invested in your IT infrastructure and rely on its performance, security, and reliability. Our proactive programs ensure that you have a qualified team to service and protect this critical asset by utilizing the most advanced tracking, monitoring, self-healing, and preventative maintenance systems available. Not only does GTI have great support plans and technicians to keep your network running, we also have some great auxiliary services to help make your day to day operations easier.

We are a Managed IT Services Provider, based in Montgomery, Alabama, and we offer services and support options to solve your IT issues. We have been working with clients all over Alabama since 1999 and have a talented staff ready to assist you. From protecting and supporting your workstations & servers to designing a new network, we do it all. With GTI, you get a complete and total IT partner who not only can come when there is a problem but will also stand by you and be directly involved in all areas of your IT needs, including preventative maintenance.

GTI can be your one stop for IT needs and services. Along with workstation and server support, we offer a host of other services that allow you to keep many of the IT related services you use all under one umbrella. If you are interested in any of these services or have any questions about pricing or service specifications, please contact us and we will answer all of your questions. Today, your network and computers are the most critical parts of your business. Without them running properly, most businesses cannot even operate.