I want to thank the pc repair technicians at Geeks Mobile for all their aid. I was in a panic, and they were the calming voice on the other end of the phone, and had a service technician here in a heartbeat! After my home computer was repaired, I was able to get back to writing a proposal for my home business in a matter of hours and meet an important deadline for one of my own customers.

Contact Details

  City Albany, NY
  Zip Code 12206
  Address 200 North Lk Avenue
  Phone Number (518) 618-1005

Geeks Mobile people are not geeks! Besides being full of knowledge, the person on the phone and the tech who visited both had lots of personality. The one who came even smiled, which can be rare for a computer service provider. This is important when you think you are maybe going to lose your whole computer and your blood pressure is rising. I think of them as computer doctors. I was very happy with their service.

I love Geeks Mobile, let me tell you why- the computer repair technician that they sent to my house saved all the data on my crashing computer. I was shocked by the fast, friendly service over the phone and the professional and timely technician that they sent to my house. These guys don't charge insane prices like other companies either!

Since our owner is very wary of being ripped off, we asked for and received estimates for everything the tech/rep on the phone thought we would need to fix our computer repair problems. After we agreed to the price and the job was done, the final bill was a little less than they had originally expected. That was it. They came, they fixed and they did not overcharge. And the boss is happy.

Fix My computer in no time! very pro and great people. I love geeks! thanks

I guess I don't know as much as I thought, because I just could not believe it when the technician came and hooked up two monitors to my computer for my very special needs. I had not known this was even possible until I called Geeks Mobile. The woman listened to my request for help and then suggested a two-screen solution. When she said it could be done that very same day by an experienced repairperson, I flipped. At that point, I would have paid anything to finally get a resolution to my unique need. The price was fair and the tech saw nothing remarkable about what he was doing. So now, when I can't figure out to do something, I call Geeks Mobile. They are not just very convenient computer repair people who come to your home or business, they are also solution providers. I recommend them and so do my friends who have called them.

One of my PCs recently froze up. From speaking to the lady at Geeks Mobile, I learned that you can only keep a certain amount of programs open and I went beyond the limit. Her inexpensive suggestion? Get extra external RAM. They got it for us and now the problem is solved. That is really great computer service and they are a great company. I will call them again.

. The building my furniture business was in caught fire one night and everything was lost. That included all the computer equipment. As part of the recovery effort, my insurance agent suggested calling some computer service companies for estimates. Geeks Mobile was recommended by friends. I called for a consultation and one of their senior techs talked to me for nearly an hour about what we do and how we would like to do it. One thing we definitely wanted was a data recovery/backup system that could store the work, so it would not be lost if we had another catastrophe in the future. Then, I received a written estimate for what a whole new system with all new updates would cost. We ultimately went with the plan Geeks Mobile supplied. They ordered everything, they installed it and they showed us how to use everything. We now network to a super printer and a back up unit instead of having a small one for every computer, and we have a backup/recovery system. Productivity is now higher than it has ever been, due in a large part to the faster new equipment and updated software. We would never have believed that the devastating fire was a blessing in disguise. Not only is our business back on track but we are handling it in an up-to-date fashion, thanks in a large part to Geeks Mobile.

Paid a LOT and my computer still doesn't work. i know a little about computers and i think i'm just going somewhere else

When my old monitor failed, I decided to get the rest of my equipment checked out. This company was really great. They asked what I wanted to do, they came out, checked out everything I had, made recommendations for what I should buy as upgrades, ordered everything and came back and installed it all. Their prices were great, their technicians competent and their equipment works much better and faster than my old system. The peace of mind their great computer service provided was worth every penny, and I now have exactly what I need.

Fake Company. I called this # and someone picked up saying hello and when I asked is this was the computer service # they totally changed their greeting PLUS click on the previous user and see he/she has posted 2 dozen praises for geeks mobile around the country. SPAM!

I work at home with my two-year-old DELL computer and HP All-in-one Officejet. They are now both out of warranty, so when things go wrong I can't just wait around for some computer repair shop to put me at the end of their customer list and eventually get to my waiting equipment. Doing so would cripple my business. When I discussed my predicament with my dad, he said that he had been using Geeks Mobile and that I should call them whenever I needed help. Not too long after that, I could not send a fax. Interesting question: is it the phone company, the PC or the All-in-one? Who to ask? I took my Dad's advice and called Geeks Mobile. The tech on the phone asked me some questions and tried to help me fax. Unfortunately, it would not work. Then, he told me he was sending a tech out to my apartment that same day. Sure enough, two hours later a very friendly guy is checking out my system. Best of all, within a half hour he is sending a fax. Now, that is the kind of support I need. Take it from me. Geeks Mobile is the way to go.

My company's server was getting old and not too reliable anymore. So, I asked around and found out that Geeks Mobile is a really good computer service and repair company. When I called them, they asked questions about what we do and what server we had. Then, they called back with a quote for totally replacing my server with a new one. The next question I had was what about all the data stored on the old one?Not to worry,? the guy said,?we recover everything off the old server and transfer it all to the new one. Your data relocation will be seamless.? We came to an agreement and they ordered the new server. When it arrived, a Geeks Mobile technician came and installed it, along with all the original data. If I had not been involved, I would never have known we had a new server put in. Everything went that smoothly. If anyone asks, we recommend this company. They are very professional.

The guy on the phone at Geeks Mobile helped me install a printer. In doing so, he lost out on a service call. However, the printer did not work right after a few hours. So, I called back. Now, the phone tech walked me through some procedures and found that the brand new printer was defective. Although these things can happen, they always seem to happen to me. So rather than going to the store and getting a replacement, I ordered one from Geeks Mobile and took the problem one back for a refund. Geeks Mobile brought their printer to the house and installed it. Then, the tech checked everything to make sure all functions worked. When he was through, he showed me how to use some new features, especially how to get really great cropped photographs. I am certainly satisfied and Geeks Mobile got their service call after all. It was well worth it.