The purpose of Geek Layer Web Services is to be a comprehensive entertainment company and a leading web property. Geek Layer’s robust portal platform integrates leading enterprise applications with rich content and services, allowing companies to organize and present personalized business information to employees, partners and customers.

Historically, entertainment is an industry oblivious to difficult economic climes. Forecasts indicate entertainment will continue to prosper long term and even thrive in the short term. Geek Layer Web Services (Geek Layer), is a company strategically positioned to take advantage of the emerging Internet entertainment sector. Geek Layer differentiates itself to ensure survival by offering numerous services in a variety of related business segments. With company headquarters in Lake Charles, Louisiana , Geek Layer enjoys the benefits of a booming population and city. Geek Layer projects success in an industry continually experiencing sustained growth.

Geek Layer spans the entertainment, virtual reality, network and information technology sectors with its four business divisions: Onsite Entertainment, Network Operations, Connectivity and Manufacturing. The Onsite Entertainment division houses an Information Technology (IT) center, virtual reality retail complex, corporate offices, and acts as a testing ground for upcoming Geek Layer products. Geek Layer Network Operations owns, operates and develops a multitude of web sites, Connectivity is the fiber division, offering expanded services and bandwidth for commercial and residential customers. The Manufacturing division produces cutting edge virtual reality entertainment products for commercial and residential applications in our 15,000 sq. ft. facility.

Geek Layer’s image focuses on a strong relationship with our customers, both online and on site. This customer-oriented emphasis originates with our CEO, and trickles down to every facet of our business. Such an appoach relies on the hard work of our management team, and hinges on the connection a customer feels with the quality of the products and services Geek Layer provides.

Geek Layer employs 140 individuals, including seasonal, part time, and network administrative staff lead by a seven person management team with experience in sales, programming, and e-business initiatives. The company relies on a “team” atmosphere as responsibilities and expertise overlap, allowing Geek Layer to maximize productivity. While everyone possesses certain areas of expertise, the team atmosphere helps reduce the difficulties and omissions that come with running a diversified, high growth business.

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  Person Geek layer Web Services Inc
  City Lake Charles , LA
  Zip Code 70601
  Address 710 Prian Lake Rd
  Phone Number (888) 418-8114