June 2001 the company is created to service computers after experiencing the computer field first hand though other companies. The company takes the name CpuRepair.
CpuRepair tries to take a new direction by teaching people that are interested in programming and graphic engineer how to create games. This is an attempt to try to boost CpuRepair name. After a few months it is decided by the members in CpuRepair to change the name to Team Elite signifying that CpuRepair was more then one person and that we our dedicated to the Information Technology field.

In early 2009 Team Elite comes to a hold with its last members leaving to do other things in there lives. Abandon by the members it worked hard to try to help. This made the leader of Team Elite to make decision on what direction and what the purpose of the company would be.

Start of 2010 Team Elite once again takes a reformed look at its business model. Operating under yet another name registered as Geek Domain. We shorten the name to Geek for ease of use.

Now 2011 Geeks has a new business model and a few lesson learned from pervious experience to hopefully grow into a fully functional Information Technology company. We want to create a one stop shop for all your Information Technology needs.

Our goal is still to provide quality, reliable, and timely service to the community of Topeka, KS and around the world via internet. We also still believe that information should be free, and as such if you can pick up the phone or use the internet we might be able to help you in your quest to fix your computer or fulfill your Information Technology needs.

Serviced Areas

  • Topeka, KS, Kansas, Shawnee

Contact Details

  Person Geek Computer Repair
  City Topeka , KS
  Zip Code 66607
  Address 2017 SW Colorado Ave.
  Phone Number (785) 783-3336

Products & Services

We specialize in on-site computer repair service for your home and business needs. Let our years of experience help you in solving your computer related issue with a peace of mind that your computer will be repaired as soon as possible. We guaranty a technician will be working on your computer problem as soon as we have all the information you can provide. Some of our most popular services we can help you with are: Virus & Trojan Removal, Data Backup, Computer Training, Internet Optimization, Hardware Component Replacement, and Operating System Restore / Reloads. These are a few of our favorite things.

Customer Testimonials

If you're looking for good people to fix your computer, Hands down, Geek Computer is it. Any & everytime i have a computer malfunction, i call Geek Computer, they are on it. They are fast, reliable, & very dependable. I am so impressed with Geek Computer & their services, that i recommend them every chance i get. So call them like i do, & get the results you want, in the time you want.