My name is Greg White, I've been building, selling, servicing, and supporting all kinds of personal computer owners for more than 25 years and I can fix your PC for only $99 (plus parts and/or software if needed).

Let me repeat myself. I can fix your computer, at your home or business in Northeast Georgia for only $99. No trip fee. No diagnostic fee. No hourly rate. No hidden fees.

I can remove viruses, trogens, worms and other malware from your computer. I can uninstall unused programs, clean up your computer's registry, and deep defragment your hard disk drive to speed up your computer. I can add memory, install larger hard disk drives, upgrade your operating system and install a new DVD writer all for the same flat fee of only $99 per computer.

Do you need your computer hard drive backed up or restored? Would you like to have me install a hard drive mirroring system so that your computer is constantly backed up to another internal hard drive so that if your primary drive fails, your backup drive will take over and keep you going?

Do you want me to setup your computer to use both Linux and Windows? I can install Ubuntu Linux so you do not have to worry about Windows viruses any more. Tired of buying Windows upgrades? Ubuntu releases new version upgrades every 6 months and security fixes as needed all for free. I can setup your old copy of Windows in a virtual machine so you can still run your favorite old Windows programs.

Do you need your computer setup to a new DSL or cable modem? Do you need to network multiple computers? I only charge $99 for the first computer and $49 for each additional computer (per visit) to network your computers.

There has to be a catch, right? There is one limitation to my service. Some work requires more than 8 hours of computing time. This sometimes happens when a large amount hard drives data has to be is scanned or copied. In those cases I will request to take your computer with me and bring it back after I have done all the service you have requested. I do not charge for a return trip to deliver and setup your serviced computer. If you require all work to be done on-site, I charge $99 per day (10 hour maximum).

Contact Details

  City Gainesville , GA
  Phone Number (678) 971-9434