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  • Metro Denver Area, Colorado

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  Person Everything Computer
  City Denver , CO
  Zip Code 80231
  Address 9400 East Iliff Avenue
  Phone Number (303) 596-5623

Products & Services

Business Services

Every business, no matter how small, needs IT support even if on a limited basis. Let us keep your computers running so you can devote your time to what you do best – running your business. We can set up remote access so that maintenance can be done after hours at no interruption to your staff. If there are emergencies during working hours, remote access permits us to respond faster. We can tailor-make our support specifically for your needs. Take advantage of the free one hour analysis so that we can become familiar with your environment and needs.

We provide:
• Onsite and Remote Support; Flexible Hours Including Evenings and Weekends
• Proactive Desktop and Server Management and Administration
• Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair
• Data Backup and Recovery
• Email and Virus Protection
• Asset Management
• License Compliance
• Preventative Maintenance
• Disaster Recovery Preparation
• Smart Phone Set Up and Training
• Effective Procurement

Home Services

We want you to feel like you can comfortably rely on us to meet all of your computer needs. Excellent customer service is our focus, and in this regard we listen to your needs so that we address them correctly. We will communicate to you in a non-technical manner, and we will follow up with you to make sure your needs are met.

• Clean computers and keyboards of dust
• Computer Troubleshooting, Repair and Service
• Slow Computer Fix and Prevention
• Computer Upgrade - memory, hard drive, update operating system – you may be able to postpone buying a new computer by upgrading your current computer at a lower cost
• New Software Install
• Virus Detection and Removal
• Wireless Home Network Install
• Wireless Network Security
• Assistance with making cost-effective computer purchases
• New Computer Set Up
• Data Backup and Recovery

Customer Testimonials

Oneda Patterson has provided San Juan Resources, Inc. professional, reliable, and prompt IT service since 2003. Oneda has assembled a network system for this oil and gas producer. Each member of our staff has the ability to operate remotely, managing our efficient operations, especially for a small operator. In addition, Oneda has installed back-up firewalls which have allowed us to work on-line worry-free, all this done in a cost-effective manner. Oneda has a proven track record of honesty and integrity in everything she does.

EverythingComputer really saved the day for me… My hard drive was really suffering. I knew it was going to go, but had no idea when. I was restarting my computer every few minutes just to use it briefly. I had checked with Microcenter, and a few local used PC stores to price the cost to buy a new hard drive and tower, but honestly, was totally intimidated by the idea as I’m just not that pc friendly, and not too wealthy either. I called on EverythingComputer and Oneda was so awesome. She replaced my hard drive for a great price and was totally flexible as to how we were going to be able to get together. She even took the tower in her car to deliver it to me! My computer has worked great ever since. You can’t go wrong with EverythingComputer and Oneda. The price is right and she is someone that genuinely cares about being fair and honest.

In the age of ‘technological planned obsolescence’ Oneda Patterson is a pure and refreshing relief. I detest waste, and so when my ancient laptop went totally south from advanced age I called her. After working closely with my husband and myself to make sure we got all the information possible out of the poor thing she picked it up herself and went to work. She was able to salvage whatever parts and do some of her magic and got it in working order for someone who would not have had access to a computer otherwise. This is recycling for the age and a marvelous thing for everyone involved. Thank you Oneda for a caring and deft solution to a growing problem.