Edge is a service based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Not only are we computer repair experts, we are electronic technicians with years of professional experience troubleshooting and repairing electronics to the component level. Because of this, one of our strengths is the ability to electrically troubleshoot and repair problems on motherboards and other assemblies instead of simply replacing the part.

Our customer base includes not only Fort Collins and other local cities such as Loveland, Windsor, Wellington, and Greeley; individuals from Estes Park, Longmont, Cheyenne, Laramie, and Denver have also discovered why Edge has built an outstanding reputation for competency and accuracy in the computer repair business.

Serviced Areas

  • Northern Colorado: Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, Windsor, Wellington, Laramie, Cheyenne, Estes Park, Longmont

Payment Options

  • Personal Checks, Debit Cards, MasterCard, VISA

Contact Details

  Person Edge Computer Repair
  City Fort Collins , CO
  Zip Code 80521
  Address 2714 Pleasant Valley Rd
  Phone Number (970) 988-0300

Customer Testimonials

Great Service! So nice to know there is a reliable service provider in Ft. Collins! Sam turned an old Dell laptop into a brand new one. It had a ton of viruses, registry problems, etc. at a very reasonable cost and in a very short period of time. He even delivered the laptop to my daughter who was incapacitated and couldn't pick it up! I would absolutely recommend Edge Computer Repair.

I recently turned on my computer one morning only to find that instead of my operating system booting up, I had a dreaded blue screen telling me a bunch of stuff that I didn't understand. With a computer that was now useless and no time or knowledge to figure it out myself, I decided to give Edge a try and I am thankful that I did. Not only was my computer saved will all my files still intact, Edge was able to speed up my computer and gave me more memory at no extra charge. I definitely recommend their services and expertise and will use them again if I need to.

We went to Sam in April with our laptop that had some coke spilled on it. He quickly and fairly inexpensively provided a new board for the laptop. Today we contacted him because an error message kept coming up saying that we had a virus. He patiently talked us through the steps on how to come to the correct decision, and then options on how to fix it. I greatly appreciated his help, and he's our "computer guy" that we'll use his services whenever we need them!

I bought a HP DV5-1388US. When I bought it I thought I could have a company go in and add a copy of XP to it because the software I run needs XP. I called up a well known computer company in Ft. Collins (not a big box store - a smaller independent outfit) and they told me that it couldn't be done. So, I contacted HP, who also said it couldn't be done without taking the risk that some of the hardware/software wouldn't work (such as sound). When I placed it on Craigslist someone came forward and told me it COULD be done. I went looking for a laptop repair place in the area and found Edge Computer Repair. The iPhone in paint repair testimonial sold me... so, I called Sam up and he assured me he could do it at an affordable price. I took the laptop to him and he got it done real quick even though finding the correct drivers was a challenge. Everything works GREAT on the laptop and I am very pleased with his service. I would recommend his services to anyone needing laptop repair. Thanks again for a job well done Sam!