Down to Earth Technology local company in Waco Texas that promotes simplifying the business network for a cost efficient, productive, and easier tomorrow. In the business world, having a computer technical support staff need not be expensive to be effective. Businesses also do not need overly complicated network infrastructure to be efficient. Down to Earth Technology is committed to bridging the gap between the computer wonderland and the business world. This calling requires consistent, simple, and logical business practices in relation to business technology. We will work our clients to build the following technology model:

Network must be documented. Ever wonder how your network is really set up? Do you have a disaster recovery plan for your network? If you don't, the cost of rebuilding your network infrastructure can be expensive and disastrous. Down to Earth Technology would like to make sure your network is documented so if that disaster ever occurs, a technician will have a blue print to get you back up and running.

Disaster recovery, as discussed before, is at the upmost importance if you ever have a computer or server fail. How will data be recovered? Do we have an effective backup? Down to Earth Technologies will help build an effective disaster recovery plan when that day comes. One thing you can count on is-technology can break. Servers can fail at the loss of a hard drive. An effective recovery plan is the only solution to prevent data loss.

Computers and network equipment must be maintained and updated to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your equipment. If your computers or network equipment operate in places where they collect a lot of dust, they must be cleaned regularly to ensure their durability. Computers must also be updated and cleaned during their lifetime due to new software being installed and/or removed. A computer bought today may operate perfectly fine with 512 Megabytes of memory, but two years from now it might need more memory and hard drive space to run newer programs. Down to Earth Technology will update and maintain your equipment. We will also evaluate your equipment with the current business software installed and make sure your equipment meets expected requirements for efficiency. We will document each piece of hardware on your network and the software it is using on a regular basis.

Viruses, Malware, and spyware can be a dangerous plague to business owners. While there are no guarantees that one of your computers will not catch one of the above, there are very good protection programs out there to protect your organization. Down to Earth Technology will help integrate these products into your network and set them so they do not interfere with your other important software like the accounting system.

Remote access; Down to Earth Technology can help you allow your employees to connect remotely to your business network in a secure manner. We will also have the ability to remotely connect with employees to assist them remotely for any problems that might occur unless it requires a physical visit.

Above all, Down to Earth Technology is dedicated to answering the phone and being available to our clients. When you have a problem, we want the opportunity to be available to help resolve the issue. If we cannot instantly resolve an issue, we will work to resolve the issues until all resources are exhausted.

We are glad to service Waco, TX and provide the best experience to our customers here in the Central Texas Area.

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  • Central Texas Area, Waco, Temple, Killeen, Hillsboro, Whitney, Valley Mills, Clifton, San Saba

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Excellent service and they are very experienced. Very pleased with Down to Earth.