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PC Based Video Surveillance Systems & DVR's

PC Based Video Surveillance Systems & DVR's

Better known as DVR's or Digital Video Recorders, DVR's capture video and images for later playback. Video Surveillance has come a long way. Gone are the days of slow, jerky, clunking recording devices. Today's complicated DVR's are all digital with an unlimited amount of recording space. DC-JAX is the only company that currently builds a Dual purpose DVR. Why pay outrageous monthly taxes for a TiVo DVR when you can have a DVR with twice the versatility. We mix Windows Vista Media center & Hupervision Surveillance in to one unit. You can record or watch TV while simultaneously recording and watching live motion video in real time from camera's on your property. This Dual purpose configuration saves space and money. You can setup your main Television for Windows Media Center and ad an additional flat screen monitor to display your surveillance cameras.

DC Power Jack Repair

DC Power Jack Repair

DC Power Jack Repair is just one of our Specialties. We fix Hundreds of Power Jacks every Year, saving our Customers Thousands of Dollars in Notebook Replacement.

Remote support

Our simple to use remote support client allows you to remain in the comfort of your home or office while we do the work. Sit back and let us resolve your problems or make adjustments to your operating system in real time. If you are having issues such as, no boot, viruses, or internet connection problems, we recommend bringing in the unit for a free diagnoses.

From Our Website

DC-JAX is a local provider of DC Power Jack Repair, CCTV Surveillance, Home Automation, IOT, Structured Cabling, Home Theater, Lightning Strike Detection Systems, and NLOS Wireless Video Transmitters. Too many times we found that these basic services were either non-existent or were so overpriced that they were not cost prohibitive. Instead we decided to specialize in just these fields so that we could provide the best possible products and services to our customers affordably. Most companies that sell CCTV offer multiple systems to appeal to the masses.