We provide customer satisfaction by communicating, being reliable, friendly and reasonably priced. Whether at your business, in your home, at our shop or on remote service we offer the same great service every time. If you need virus removal, slow machine tune up, drive recovery, transfer of files, new operating system install, reinstall old operating system, or a wireless network and anything in between. Just call for information or go to our website for remote service. If you need a question answered, go to our website to find our Facebook fan page link for an answer, we're here to help.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • We are a low cost provider in Information Technology
  • With remote services, we can go anywhere
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Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Comptia Certified

Serviced Areas

  • Dayton, Ohio - Remote Service Nationwide

Payment Options

  • Cash Only, PayPal

Contact Details

  City Dayton , OH
  Zip Code 45420
  Phone Number (937) 716-6606

Products & Services

In Home / Business Computer Services

Min $30 1st 1/4 hr $65/hr Server $85/hr

Repair of laptop and desktop computers in your home. Just call and we come to you.

In Shop Service

$30 Min $50 per hour

Bring or ship your computer to us to fix. We diagnose / estimate / repair.

Remote Service

$30 1st 1/2 hr $50 per hour

You call us to set an appointment. Then get the link from the website just before the service is scheduled. We call you and help you get the browser helper program going if needed and you give us the Client ID# so we can log into you machine and complete the repairs you need.

After the 1st 1/2 hour we charge in 1/4 hour increments to save you money.

No hassle service. No one comes to your house. You don't have to carry your computer anywhere.

  • I would not recommend this business
  • None

Owner Lewis Gast was hired to recover data from my daughter's MacBook. We urgently needed the information for her college finals. Lewis Gast said he would have the service completed within 2, NO more than 3 days. He would not return calls, texts or emails. Finally reached a lady who answered the phone, she said the computer was ready to be picked up and some information was recovered. Mind you this was 3 weeks after dropping it off and finals had come and gone. We then tried several times to pick up the MacBook but no one is ever in the office. We then received an email from Mr. Gast stating no data was recovered and he still had to reassemble the MacBook. He was again supposed to have it ready for pick up the following day. Again and for several days he refused to return calls, texts and emails and was not in the office. We're in a month now of his foolishness and lies. I finally got him on the phone and said he needs to refund my money because he failed to return the MacBook as agreed, finals were over and the point of recovering any data was useless. He yelled and cursed at me using the F word and several others. He acted like a maniac. No way am I going near this lunatic.

Filing a small claims case today for the money I paid for service he failed to perform. Also, I had to purchase another laptop for my daughter's finals. He's probably ruined my daughter's MacBook like he ruined many other's.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingPoor

  • I would recommend this business

Thanks Simple Solutions for the prompt and professional service to my computer. I would definitely use this service again and recommend to friends and family.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent