Data Recovery Experts is a New York based data recovery service provider. We specialize in hard drives, RAID arrays, flash memory and many other storage devices. We follow a strict no data, no charge policy which means you only pay if you're satisfied with the recovery results.

Data loss does not have to be permanent and data retrieval does not have to be unaffordable. Data Recovery Experts pledges to provide you with the fastest, most reliable and affordable data recovery in NYC. Please call or visit our Midtown data recovery NYC headquarters for a free consultation.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Local NYC Data Recovery Experts
  • No Data, No Charge
  • High Success Rate
  • Specializing in ALL storage media data recovery

Serviced Areas

  • New York, New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Long Island

Payment Options

  • American Express, Debit Cards, Discover, MasterCard, Money Orders, PayPal, VISA

Contact Details

  Person Evan Kruger
  City New York , NY
  Zip Code 10018
  Address 108 W 39th St. #506
  Phone Number (212) 221-1388
  Tollfree (877) 433-4349

Business Representative

Evan Kruger

Sales Person

Evan has been with Data Recovery Experts for many years. He can assist you with any questions pertaining to your data recovery needs.

Products & Services

Data Recovery Service

Data Recovery Service

Data Recovery Experts specializes in data recovery from all types of storage media including hard drives, RAID arrays, flash media and many others. We provide free consultation and diagnostics. Call or visit us today at our NYC data recovery headquarters.

Customer Testimonials

I had been looking for a Data recovery NY location, luckily i found Data Recovery Experts. They managed to recovery my quickbook files shortly before tax season, for this i am greatly appreciative.

Hopefully i will not need another data recovery in the future, the technicians recommended a few methods of protecting my data going forward. If i ever find myself in a bind like this again, I will certainly be returning.

What do you do when you realize you've lost 20+ years of data and precious photos? 1) Pray 2) Call Data Recovery Experts! I am flabbergasted right now! Not long ago, I "lost everything." It looked bleak, but there's always hope. DRE recovered what seems to be all of my data and photos. I sent them my hard drive and external drive (both gone bad). Please, do yourself a favor. Remember this company. Should you ever have trouble, don't take matters into your own hands. These are the experts. I cannot thank them enough. I'll be saying, "Wow!" for the next few weeks, I'm sure. Very happy!

Data Recovery Experts are amazing! They managed to recover all of my data from my dropped external drive. Best part is they are actually based out of NYC (unlike many other companies who just have dropoff/mail forwarding locations). Their prices are very competitive, staff is super friendly and helpful. A+

Alex was very professional and knowledgeable. I found his reviews on Yelp and they were very positive, and so, after speaking with him several times I concluded the same. He was able to recover and save my drive with my critical data on it. He was responsive, honest, and his price was very fair. He even offered to do the initial diagnostic for free to see if he could even fix the drive. I'm glad that I took my very important external hard drive for him to fix, he's the best. A++

I drop off my broken external hard drive and they able to recover it. It took longer than expected (around 3 weeks) but I got all my data back. Thank you so much.

My hard drive was pretty much shot and the geek squad told me it was unrecoverable, visited several recovery companies and not one would give me a straightfoward quote just a broad price range. Went to data recovery and got a price that was the most competitive and exact. Alex did a great job and recovered all of my data in the time frame he promised. Thank You Alex.

After talking to tek serve, i thought my drive was toast. Alex and team brought a dead drive back to life, at a great price! Friendly, straight forward and I got my data back. While I hope I don't have to work with Alex again, I would recommend him to anyone who has a dead drive and lost data.

If your data is recoverable, Alex will get it back. He is a wizard. From word documents to professional video files these guys are the go to.

Our firm was looking for a new employee. We did not have a lot of candidates and had to choose from what we could. Her resume seemed good and she had lots of experience but something seemed suspious. After much thinking we turned to this company. Telling them about our concerns they assured us not to worry and they would take care of it. It did not take much time when the company had gathered all the information about her and we found out she lied about many things on her resume. We fired her before she could do any damage.

I drop my computer months ago and the hard drive was suffered a damage, in his reders the technicians recovered all my information almost 500GB of my data totally intacted, this company works professional, very technical and very good, my total recomendation

The best service ever!!! Fast, affordable price and best results! Definitely will come back and will recommend to my friends!

My hard drive failed, taking with it years of important files, and DRE recovered my data quickly and at a reasonable cost. I am extremely skeptical of companies that deal with computers and electronics. The high degree of specialization required to work with these devices makes taking advantage of customers all too easy. I approached DRE with this same mindset. From the beginning, Evan (the account manager who handled my case) was transparent and answered all of my questions without hesitation.

They gave a free diagnostic and informed me exactly what was wrong with the drive (degraded heads!) Having done a bit of research, I understood that this was an expensive issue to correct, but at no point did I feel I was being taken advantage of. They were flexible with my needs and timeline. They were very easy to get in contact with and went out of his way to update me during the process. For anyone who is hesitating to entrust your precious data and money to a data recovery company, Data Recovery Experts is THE best option. I do not generally go out of my way to write reviews but my experience with DRE was so exceptional that they 100% deserve every 5-star rating.

I was extremely lucky to find these guys. The customer service was top-notch and they recovered my data quickly and in full. Very professional - I'd recommend without hesitation.

I'm a photographer and I never write reviews. But I feel I owe these guys, sort of like you'd owe the heart surgeon after saving you from a heart attack. I mistakenly deleted a whole photo shoot and called these guys in tears after I realized what I had done (I found them on yelp). They were nice and vey helpful, told me just what to do and I went in to drop my computer one hour later. The recovery process took about a week and I was on pins and needles the whole 7 days. I'll never EVER not back up again. Well...after a week of waiting I went back to see the results. They found every last image. I'm breathing again and there is at least one less worry in my life. Thanks guys. I hope this never happens to me again, but to everyone else out there...if you think it's gone, these guys can probably get it back.

There are no words for how happy I am with their service. My computer crashed and I lost some important recent data that wasn't backed up (lesson learned!). I took my hard drive to 2 other places who told me it was hopeless and the data were unrecoverable. Data recovery experts were able to recover every single file in less than a week. I've honesty never had so much love for strangers. These guys saved me!! They were also very professional, reasonably priced, and very quick. It's expensive but I didn't feel like it was overpriced for what they did. If you lost a few files or pictures that aren't important, it's probably not worth it, but if you need a whole HD or some very important documents, it's definitely worth the price! I'm convinced that if a data recovery problem is fixable, DRE can do it! Wish yelp had a 6th bonus star for this place :)

I know everyone has been saying it on here...but, Alex & Data Recovery Experts are truly amazing. I first tried going to Best Buy where I bought my Seagate external hard drive, and after an extremely cursory examination, they informed me it would cost nearly $1,000 to recover the data - if they could recover anything at all! Which was out of the question for me.

I then found Data Recovery Experts online and took my drive in with little to no hope. But Alex took it and after the initial diagnostic exam, assured me they were 99% sure they could recover everything. Everything!!! It doesn't get much better than a company that doesn't charge you for the initial diagnostics. If they can't save your information, you don't pay anything!

In the end, the price I paid to recover my hard drive was extremely reasonable, Alex was the best and such a professional, and I really felt like my information was in good hands with Data Recovery Experts. I plan on recommending them to every single friend I have that - like me - is an idiot and doesn't back up her information.

Thanks Alex!!!

I'm glad that I took my very important external hard drive for him to fix, Alex is the best. He was very professional and knowledgeable. I read his reviews on Yelp and they were very positive, and so, after speaking with him several times I concluded the same. He was able to recover and save my drive with my critical data on it. He was responsive, honest, and his price was very fair. He even offered to do the initial diagnostic for free to see if he could even fix the drive. Highly recommend.

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We hope everyone is doing their backups and staying cool in this HOT weather. Just an FYI, we will be closed July 4 & 5th for the 4th of July long weekend. We will resume normal business hours starting Monday, July 8th. Data Recovery Experts apologizes
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Please be advised Data Recovery Experts has recently moved to our new location at 108 W 39th Street, Suite 506 New York, NY 10018 (only 2 blocks away from our old location)!
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Data Recovery Experts is a New York based data recovery service service. We specialize in RAID arrays, flash media, hard drives and many other storage devices. Manhattan is our data recovery NYC home-base, located in the heart of Midtown. Data loss does
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