Corporate Computer Services, Inc. is a professional outsourced computer service company serving small businesses in Orange County and Los Angeles Counties. Our specialties are network planning (network consulting), network projects, and ongoing network/computer maintenance. We pride ourselves on not only delivering the results you expect, but also being knowledgeable, systematic, accountable, trustworthy and easy to work with.

Our services include:
- Computer Repair and Set Up;
- Server and Network Maintenance;
- Server and Backup monitoring;
- Network Consulting;
- Network Projects.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Computer and Server Repair
  • Computer and Network Maintenance Plans
  • Network Projects, Security, Consulting and Planning

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Microsoft

Serviced Areas

  • Anaheim, Brea, Buena Park, Costa Mesa, Foothill Ranch, Fountain Valley, Fullerton, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, San Clemente, Commerce, Long Beach, Los Angeles

Payment Options

  • American Express, Money Orders, Financing Available, Credit Terms Available, Debit Cards, MasterCard, VISA

Contact Details

  Person Bradley den Dulk
  City Laguna Hills , CA
  Zip Code 92653
  Address 23016 Del Lago, Suite B.
  Phone Number (949) 336-7227
  Tollfree 800-201-1001
  Fax 949-336-7228

Business Representative

Bradley den Dulk

VP Sales

Products & Services

Computer and Server Repair

Starting at just $29 per 15 minutes
Computer and Server Repair

Knowledgeable and available computer services for the computer repair issue you are struggling with today. We have literally fixed thousands of computer issues and have not encountered something we could not resolve. We guarantee the work we do and guarantee your satisfaction. See the list below to for many of the computer and server issues you are dealing with.

* Computers and laptops
* Servers and Networks
* Firewalls
* Email problems
* Virus and malware

Email Security

Starting at just $1.85 per mailbox
Email Security

The never-ending battle to protect email communications from spam, viruses and other threats can be particularly draining on organizations with limited IT resources or email threat expertise. Businesses that rely on efficient email communications can turn to CorporateMail Security for help in eliminating the email threats that sap productivity, increase storage, bandwidth and administrative costs, and put their networks at risk.

With CorporateMail Security - Email Defense your business can have peace of mind, knowing that the technology used to protect your email communications is 99. 7% effective (over time) in containing and destroying potentially damaging emails.

CorporateMail Security - Email Defense Features:

- Anti-Spam Blocking 99. 7% Track Record;
- Virus and Worm Scanning - No Need to Purchase Other Software;
- Content & Attachment Filtering - Done Before Going to Your Server;
- Fraud Protection - Keeps You and Your Employees Safe;
- Outbound Message Filtering - Keeps Your Reputation Intact;
- Email Policy Management Including Group Policies and White Lists;
- Email Continuity - Work When Email Is Down;
- Quarantine Management.

Technology Projects

starting at just $120 per hour

What is a technology project? A project can be a network upgrade, setting up a new network at a new or remote office, connecting new workstations to the network, installing a new server, or implementing network security and virus protection systems network wide.

At Corporate Computer Services, our primary goal is to transform the technology needs of your business into an industry standard solution that produces clear, tangible results for your business on time and on budget.

So how do we do it? Network planning and network upgrades performed by Corporate Computer Services follow the accepted best practices of successful IT companies in the areas of network planning, design, deployment and follow-up. This process and our exclusive 100+ point project checklist ensures consistent results with minimal disruption to your office during the course of the network upgrade, server installation or new computer installation.

Since we place our highest values on consistent, reliable solutions for the long-term happiness and productivity of your office, you can feel confident we will only recommend proven solutions that will accomplish these goals and not those that are the "coolest" or "newest" at the time. Also important to note: Network upgrades and installations are designed specifically with small business schedules and budgets in mind.

CorporateProjects are overseen and managed by our Director of IT and IT Professionals to provide appropriate technical expertise, accountability, and consistency with your business goals.

- Detailed Project Planning and Design;
- Follow Industry Standard Best Practices;
- Zero or Minimal Disruption to Office during Projects;
- Implement Proven Industry Standard Solutions for Small Businesses;
- Careful and Accurate Technology Procurement;
- Microsoft Certified Staff;
- Project Management;
- Clear, Tangible Results.

Maintenance - Proactive Server and Computer Maintenance

Starting at Just $175 month
Maintenance - Proactive Server and Computer Maintenance

CorporateMaintenance is the systematic, proactive and immediate technical support for your network, servers and workstations, managed by our certified IT Professionals and Support Staff. The end result of a network maintenance plan is an office that is happy and productive. If you have always thought that there must be something better than the break-fix approach your current IT support provider is giving you, then you will love our method to supporting your company's computers.

Every business owner or manager wants a stable and reliable network, but getting there involves a more proactive approach of regular maintenance and monitoring. Whether it is our As Needed services, Fixed Price Maintenance plans, Custom Maintenance Plans or assisting your full time IT staff, Corporate Computer Services has the right support plan for you.

CorporateMaintenance Features:
- Available 24/7/365;
- Emergency and As Needed Computer Repair;
- Comprehensive Maintenance Checklist and Documentation;
- Continuous Server and Backup monitoring;
- Client web access to all Network and Support Information;
- CorporateMail Security - Antivirus, Antispam, Continuity;
- Regularly Scheduled Maintenance.

Planning / Network Consulting

Starting at just $120 per hour
Planning / Network Consulting

Company focused on helping small businesses in Orange County and Los Angeles counties make wise decisions regarding their network. Here is why.

Successful companies, large and small, rarely make business decisions without a clear goal or plan in place. Business today is fiercely competitive. One wrong move or misallocation of resources could be disastrous. Good, solid, trustworthy advice is more important than ever. When successful companies need to make critical decisions, they seek out those who have delivered proven results. So, how do you know what advice is good? Where do you find it and how much does it cost?

Our consulting services can either be performed on an hourly basis ($120 Per Hour) or through our exclusive Technology Evaluation and Recommendations process (beginning at $499 depending on the size of the network) . This method is our systematic way of approaching technology decision-making. Ultimately our goal is to give you the information and tools for making thoughtful and appropriate decisions for your business, whether it is network planning, network upgrades, or computer network maintenance.

Promotions & Discounts

Want to give Corporate Computer Services a test drive? Let our remote support desk work free on your computer problem 30 minutes Free.

Get the 3rd month of server maintenance and monitoring FREE with any New Maintenance Plan.

Stop Spam and Spyware
- Award winning Technology
- Amazing 99. 7% Spam free track record
- No obligation 30 FREE trial

Customer Testimonials

"As an outsourced accountancy firm, we understand the importance of focusing on core competencies. So, when it came to our computer system, we were more than willing to find a qualified company to handle it for us. Since we didn't have the need for a full-time person, Corporate Computer Services was a perfect fit. They reduce so much of the administrative headache of running a business because they fix problems quickly and efficiently and maintain our network so that we have fewer issues. The peace of mind we have as a result of their work is something I would recommend to anyone!"

"Corporate Computer Services allows us to focus on our core business, Architecture. They evaluated our existing hardware, initiated a master plan to incrementally improve our system and implemented its installation in relatively painless steps."

"We have our own IT department, but we felt that we needed a company to assist us with installations and other areas that we don't necessarily have background or experience in. We chose Corporate Computer Services because they work with other engineering and architectural firms and are familiar with the types of programs we use in our business. They have been a big help to us by troubleshooting and working on server-related issues that we don't have the time or expertise to do, and have found the staff to be very friendly and easy to work with."

"In the past, I've been 'held hostage' by techie people who talk over my head. I clicked with Corporate Computer Services from the start because they are so down to earth and more than willing to do a great job for their clients. Corporate Computer Services is a professional company with a real commitment to provide excellent technical expertise and incredibly good customer service. I haven't found this from many other providers."

"We interviewed four different companies and chose Corporate Computer Services because they were familiar with the software we were using. What I appreciate most about their services is that they communicate with us about what they are going to do before they do it, so we are able to deal with any ramifications ahead of time. They understand that we are trying to run a business and can't have things going haywire with our technology. "

"We interviewed several computer services firms and individuals to update and maintain our network system. Corporate Computer Services had the experience, staff, and professionalism that we were looking for. Their references were excellent, confirming what we already believed. I've been impressed that our IT Professional has gotten to know most of our people and their computer needs. Not only does he manage our overall network, he provides a more individualized service to each user. Corporate Computer Services has definitely provided the results and peace of mind that we were looking for.

"The challenge we face is that we are big enough to need a network with specific functionality, but not big enough to require a full-time IT staff person. Corporate Computer Services provided the perfect solution; they have the technical expertise and mindshare we needed coupled with flexibility in the level of support. They are really responsive, prioritizing important issues that arise and dealing with them quickly and effectively. I also appreciate their detailed follow-up and preventive maintenance; more than once this has helped us avoid a major problem with our network. A lot of companies these days make claims about customer service and looking out for the best interest of their clients, but Corporate Computer Services can be trusted to do what they say and for a competitive price."

"We had an individual working on our network who did a phenomenal job, but became too busy to service our needs. After trying several companies who did little more than cause more problems, we decided to try Corporate Computer Services at the referral of one of their current clients who has great credibility with us. Corporate Computer Services has a disciplined process for everything they do. While other IT providers make you feel really stupid and then convince you to hire them to overcome your ignorance, Corporate Computer Services is different. They are real people who are easy to work with, and they deliver on their promises."

"We really needed a company that could handle the computer issues we no longer had the time or experience to deal with. Corporate Computer Services is a perfect solution for us because we have the same IT Professional with us every week who is very familiar with our network, and we don't have to worry about dealing with computer problems on our own anymore. The fact that Corporate Computer Services uses Microsoft best practices is very important to us, too. We are confident that if someone else had to manage our network down the road, it would be easy to do because of the systems that are in place."