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To provide clients maximum value through the use of available technologies, tools, and methodologies while leading the industry in client experience. We achieve this through strict observation of standards, education, and professionalism. EVERNET is wholly owned by Eric Buhrendorf, founded in 2007. The goal was, and remains, providing top guidance to clients, to protect their businesses and facilitate their development and growth according to their business goals. Beginning as a single consultant in the Hartford Connecticut area, Eric built EVERNET to an interstate offering advising hundreds of businesses, protecting thousands of computers.

Attempts on your business, data and users is ever present and unyielding, therefore we all must take all reasonable measures to defend against these attacks. Our cybersecurity solutions are industry leading and highly effective. Effective - When deploying a security solution, you want it to be effective before the situation takes place. Not all security suites are created equal. We are continuously learning about new exploitations so we can monitor and review leading products to ensure we are using the very best.

Having the right backup and recovery solutions in place is the only thing a business can do to protect against certain failures, deletions, or cyber attacks that invariably occur. No one is exempted from this need and choosing EVERNET as a provider, with the right solution is important. Designed for Speed - Our data backup and recovery leverages lean methods to reduce file size overhead by using file versioning and compression technologies to reduce overall backup sizes and speed up backup times.

As a business grows, its IT needs grow with it and can quickly outstrip the skills and knowledge of its staff. Partnering with EVERNET offers an excellent way of keeping your enterprise IT efficient and protected, giving you peace of mind. Ramped-Up Productivity - Less stress about network failures, as our managed services include round-the-clock monitoring of your computers, security, and network to help anticipate problems before they happen. Why is a Managed Support plan the best choice for your business?

Why wait for us to travel on-site when we can meet by phone or video and consult, advise, support, and resolve your needs remotely. Provide our information to your staff and keep your business operating at max productivity! Maximize Your Productivity - Slow on-site responses can keep your people waiting or unproductive while a technician travels to the location. Keep productive with remote support and faster response time. With our remote Help Desk support resources, you receive the best technician, with the least time to wait, while reducing your costs, and increasing your productivity.