Our company specializes in a variety of computer repair tech support and services. We have been solving hardware and software problems for over 8 years. We pride ourselves on being very knowledgeable in all aspects computer repair, including software tech support, PC repair, network installations, spyware and virus removal, data recovery, DSL Internet installation and network / Internet consulting.

Why waste your time holding for mediocre tech support that never gives you answers and is always passing the blame onto someone else? Call Computers Genie the miami computer repair specialists, and have your questions answered and your problems solved!

Computers Genie has customers in the Greater Miami Dade County and keeps these clients by being the best. We are professional, courteous and highly knowledgeable in all aspects of our field.

We specialize in Virus Removal for home and companies. Big companies have their own IT department to solve their problems. But who helps the home user? Computers Genie will come to you and make your Virus Removal Miami problems disappear, no matter how big or small. There is no problem that can't be solved.

Computers Genie provides an end-to-end solution to support your computer, hardware, software and systems.

Services include software, hardware maintenance & support, new technology deployment, remote office support, virus & spyware Removal, data recovery, computer support, pc upgrades, digital camera repair, business computer repair, computer maintenance repair, business computer service, network installation, laptop screen replacement, laptop power jack repair, preventive maintenance and much more. Let Computers Genie help you with your IT Needs.

We are here for your business with on-site, on-call technology expertise and remote support services for your desktops, laptop, servers, networks, pc repair, printers and devices. Use our services on demand or choose a monthly support plan!

When you're running a business, you depend on your technology. And you don't have time for downtime. That's why Computers Genie, offers flexible, low-cost solutions to evaluate, install, repair and support all of the technology you use in your business.

Is your home computer, TV or other device on the fritz? Need help with a new wireless network for your laptop? or home theater system? We'll send a pre-screened tech right to you - same day in most areas! We can even fix your computer or laptop right now via remote support!

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  • Data Recovery
  • Virus Removal
  • Spyware Removal
  • Hardware Repair
  • Software Repair
  • Network Installation

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Virus and spyware removal, Data recovery

Virus and spyware removal, Data recovery

We offer a wide variety of services, including virus and spyware removal, data recovery, screen repairs, Windows xp, vista and 7 repairs and recovery, network setup, and much more.

Data Recovery

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Why won't your computer boot up? Where's that clicking noise? Why doesn't the computer recognize the drive? It's hard to say and we don't expect everyone (even pros) to know. What we do know is that you need your files now.

We offer our services at an affordable flat rate price, determined by the capacity of your drive and the steps necessary to recover the data on it. Prices do no include a target drive to load recovered data. You may provide an empty drive yourself, or call our office for current pricing.
Two basic factors determine which recovery rate your drive falls under:

How big is the drive? - Total Capacity
What is wrong with the drive? Failure Type

Depending on how the drive has failed, a complete recovery can never be guaranteed.
In the vast majority of cases, we are able to recover greater than 99% of the data on the drive.

How Much Data Are We Working With? Drive Capacity

The first, and easiest, variable we have to discover while diagnosing your drive is the total capacity of your malfunctioning hard drive. The larger the drive, the more complicated the internal workings are, and the longer amount of time it will require to extract your data from it.

But the drive isn't totally full! Hard drives often times don't fill sequentially from beginning to end, and so in order to assure we have recovered the maximum amount of data, we have to scan the entire drive. As such, a 500GB drive with only 10GB of data takes just as long to recover as a 500GB drive with 490GB of data.
What's Wrong with It? Hard Drive Failures

Diagnosing a failing drive is a bit tricky; it's partly advanced tools and equipment combined with professional experience. While some symptoms are common and obvious, sometimes there are underlying issues that are difficult to identify. In some cases, we can't be completely sure what was wrong with a drive until we have completed the job.

To make things more difficult, bad hard drives usually get worse over time as you test and diagnose them, and so Computers Genie technicians have to quickly assess the situation and begin the recovery process as soon as possible.

If we can get your hard drive to come to life on our data recovery equipment without needing to perform any repairs or modifications on the drive, then it most likely will be a Level A recovery.

If the drive needs to be patched, modified, repaired, or have components replaced before we can gain access to the data, then it will likely require Level B recovery.
Keep in mind that data recovery is a salvage operation, and under no circumstances should these failed drives ever be put back into service.
We do not return repaired drives we extract the data from your failed drive to a known-good working drive.

Other Services and Fees
Other Tech Services $50 per hour, half hour increments

Recovery costs include recovering data from a bad hard drive, file reconstruction, and loading the data onto a known good target drive. These prices are based on working with a bare hard drive. Many of our clients like to have additional services completed along with the recovery, especially the removal and replacement of hard drives on laptops or iMacs. We very rarely agree to do work beyond the scope of data recovery or hard drive replacement. The default labor charge to pull the drive from a laptop is $40, and we charge $80 in labor to remove and reinstall hard drives in iMacs.
Not Making a Bad Situation Worse Lab Fee $100-$150

For some extreme Level B scenarios, we cannot save the data; in these unfortunate cases the data is gone. For these situations, even though we have done all of the usual work required of a Level B recovery, we only charge a modest Lab Fee of $100 for drives under 2TB, and $150 for drives 2TB and larger. We understand that the bad news is already difficult enough, and that you shouldn't have to pay the full rate for unsatisfactory results.

Drives that have already been opened by another data recovery service are also subject to the lab fee.
Front of the Line & Weekend Service Immediate Expedite $250-$500

Let us know on your work order if we need to diagnose the possibility of expediting your recovery. The expedite fee gets you front of the line, evening, and weekend service, but that does not necessarily mean the recovery will finish sooner than our regular turn around time. Sometimes hard drives take a while, and we do not want you to have the expectation that an expedite fee will speed up the process.

If your drive turns out not to be a good candidate for expedited service, there is no additional charge.

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Virus Removal, Spyware Removal and Computer Repair.

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