During my 15 years in providing onsite service to small businesses, home businesses, and residential clients, I have learned that timing is everything in keeping a business going. Speedy same day service is what businesses are looking for. Well, I believe that I have the experience and expertise to provide that service and at a competitive rate of $70 per hour. In addition, I offer lower rates to businesses that pay upfront for a set amount of hours called a Pre-Paid Agreement.

Today's businesses require a more cost effective way of keeping their machines running without paying for a full time technician a salary plus benefits. I believe that my success and experience over the last 15 years has proven to benefit many businesses by saving them money while providing knowledgeable, intelligent, and personable technical services.

My troubleshooting and support expertise summarized are as follows: Microsoft Windows 95 to Windows 7; MS Office 95 to MS Office 2010; QuickBooks; Peachtree; Logmein Remote service; Small business Network administration; PC hardware; PC Peripherals; PC repair; PC teaching; and 40 installations of Xerox machines on networks.

Today you get someone from a far away country trying to speak English while speaking a technical language that few employees grasp or even what to know. I speak clear English and I give explanations that an employee can use to get their job done.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Personable, friendly, knowledgeable service in everyday English to solve software and hardware issue

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Meet the Geeks, Linkedin, Xerox certified installer

Serviced Areas

  • Western North Carolina

Payment Options

  • American Express, Cash Only, Personal Checks, Pre-Paid Agreements

Contact Details

  Person Michael Krooss
  City Asheville, NC
  Zip Code 28806
  Address No Building - Onsite Service Only
  Phone Number (828) 333-4702
  Mobile 828-776-4702

Business Representative

Michael Krooss


Artist turned computer geek for 15 years. I have provided an excellent computer client centered service for 15 years. My clients are only the best clients that expect the best individual attention to their computer needs. My clients are home, small and medium size businesses. Some of my clients are residential clients that are looking for English speaking and no geek lingo assistance.

Products & Services


CU&A offers preventive and ongoing maintenance for Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista computers. Complete cleanup for slow and unresponsive computers. Protective software installed against virus and spyware.

Network support for home or small business

CU&A offers support for networks of 50 computers or less. We offer setup, management, security, cleanup and troubleshooting of Wired or Wireless networks.


CU&A offers Onsite or Remote assessment, diagnosis, trial/error, and repair for home or office computers or their peripherals.

Hardware Installation and Setup

CU&A offers setup and installation of new computers or computer peripherals such as printers, digital cameras, scanners, multi-function machines, card readers, network devices, digital camcorders, thumbnail drives and other various USB devices.

Software Recommendations and Installations

CU&A offers installation and setup of software that the client chooses to have installed. Troubleshooting of installation problems related to incompatible hardware or Microsoft Windows issues.

Data Backup

CU&A offers (but does not guarantee) setup of devices for daily backup of data. CU&A offers (but does not guarantee) setup of software for automatic backups. All backup data is the clients' responsibility and should be done before any computer technical support.

Data Recovery

CU&A offers data recovery from MS Windows based hard drives that are not accessible from within MS Windows or a non-bootable hard drive. Recovery attempts are not a guarantee that data will be recovered; however, will be still charged.

  • I would recommend this business

I have been having some computer problems and I called computer upgrades and arts for help. Micheal was absolutely wonderful. Great customer service and he made sure the problem was resolved. I would diffidently use this service again.

Value for money
Service & support
LocationI love that he comes to you. I didn't have to lug my stuff around town
Overall ratingExcellent

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