Here at Computer Speed Shop (CSS) we strive to provide reliable, fiscally-efficient support to you, the customer..
At CSS we do computer Virus & Spyware removal and more.Computer Speed Shop (CSS) provides tech support to aid in solving your issues and make sure your computer is running like new again.

Customer needs and satisfaction are of the utmost importance. We can help to streamline your personal and business needs to assist you to maximize your productivity. In addition, we're very affordable and reliable to solve your various computer issues.

At Computer Speed Shop (CSS) we understand your pain and frustration. We will solve your issues and get you to peak operation in no time at all, without the long wait lines or days waiting to get your equipment back.

We offer a flexible approach to our client's requirements, and are aware that their IT equipment is an integral part of day to day business and personal life.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • PC Secuirty checkup & Maintenance
  • Wired/ Wireless Network Setup
  • OS Installation
  • Virus, Malware and Spyware Removal
  • Computer Repair

Payment Options

  • American Express, Debit Cards, Discover, Google Checkout, MasterCard, PayPal, Personal Checks, VISA

Contact Details

  Person Tim Blackwell
  City Sebring , FL
  Zip Code 33876
  Address 7560 Old oak
  Phone Number (239) 645-1821

Business Representative

Tim Blackwell

Computer Specialist

My greatest strengths are my ability to listen to a client's situation, to analyze their specific needs, and then to offer speedy, top-quality work for very reasonable rates.

Products & Services

Virus Removal


Got pop ups? Random error messages popping up? Search engine result being redirected? Computer just quirky all around? Chances are, you've got some form of malware. No worries - we'll take care of it for you. We are trained to efficiently eliminate and protect against even the worst of infections.

Computer Security

Computer Security

Computer connected directly to the Internet? You need a firewall. Do you have anti-virus? Anti-spyware? Are you current on your Windows Updates? We'll take care of all that for you, and configure your computer to perform updates automatically so you never have to worry about protecting yourself against threats.

Performance & Tune-Up

Performance & Tune-Up

Tired of clicking and waiting? Your time is valuable. Much better things to do than sit around and wait for your computer to catch up. Even the newest of computers arrive preloaded with unneeded junk, slowing them down. Let us tune up your computer to enhance its performance and your experience.

New Computer Setup

New Computer Setup

Will remove all unnecessary manufacturer-installed software, which tends to make your computer slow! Will ensure your new computer is up-to-date with all the latest security patches and protect against any threats.

Remote Computer Support

Remote Computer Support

Computer Speed Shop (CSS) offer safe and secure remote services for a wide variety of problems. This is simply the fastest and most affordable way to making your computer happy again! All you need to do is run a program and a qualified technician will take over and fix whatever the problem may be.

We can quickly identify problems and offer you real, honest solutions. All done remotely over the internet! We can speed up a slow computer, remove a nasty virus infection, or look into most any problem your computer may have.

Below are some of the Remote services Available:

- Diagnosis of most problems
- Software repairs and installation
- Virus Removal
- System Tuneup

Most anything as long as the computer turns on and has internet!

Installing System OS

Installing System OS

This also includes installing all windows updates, service packs and a reliable virus scanner along with defragging the system. Average time to do all this is about 4-8 hours.

Network Security

Network Security

Do you have wireless? Are you not sure how to secure and keep people from surfing on your wireless? We will secure your wireless and make sure no one else can gain access to your Internet.

Free Diagnostics

Free Diagnostics

At Computer Speed Shop will give you a Free Diagnostic to assess your problem, offer a solution, and provide recommendations for future upgrades. With low and reasonable rates can provide better service than larger companies.

All computers that are serviced are given a free diagnostic check for your PC or laptop. The diagnostic enables us to analyze the severity of the problem which may include basic maintenance, or more of a widespread problem. Performing these checks, we can diagnose the problem, consult with you on how it can be corrected and lastly, advise on future upgrades that may be necessary. We will consult with you before any work is performed so as the customer you can better understand why your system is not functioning properly.
These checks include but are not limited to:
• Start up
• Disk space
• Drivers
• Overall condition of hardware
• Hard drive checks
• Scan disk
• Virus scan

Customer Testimonials

Testimonial from Kirsten

Great to work with. Extremely knowledgeable in MAC and PC. Love that he is flexible and always answers his phone and gets back to me within 24 hours. He is also very current in social media.
I highly recommend Timothy.

Tim is a real professional and knows his computer systems. He has set up 2 lap tops for me and also fixed numerous problems for me each time I am in town doing business. I would never use any one else for computer repair. He is fast, efficient, very reasonable in price and gets the job done. I have used others before, but am so impressed with his work I will never use anyone else. I highly recommend his services.

Testimonial from Rocket Trucking LLC

Nothing but the best from Tim and CSS shop. My computer works like I just bought it off the self. There is no body better then Tim. Keep up the good work Tim,you are the BEST. Thanks for everything, Scott Harrison Rocket Trucking CEO.

Tim Blackwell is very knowledgeable and understands my computer problem even when I do not know how to explain the problem. He is very thorough and meticulous. He solves the problems and eases my concerns with his courteous and understanding manner.

Tim performed a remote computer tune up for me and my computer has never worked better. Tim is extremely knowledgeable, honest, and quick to respond. Truly a pleasure to work with. I feel lucky to have found someone that I can depend on for my computer repair needs. He is the best!!

Tim has helped me solve many computer problems. He always knows what to do when my computer is acting up....he's a pro!


Dothan Alabama Computer Repair

Are you tired of paying to have your computer fixed and especially when a company says that theyre the best and most affordable in town?

As you investigate these other companies you learn that they charge an hourly rate or take much too long to fix and return your equipment.

Here at Computer Speed Shop (CSS) we do not charge by the hour and prefer to offer low prices for the services we offer. We have many ways to help you in todays world.

Skilled Computer Technician solving your Computer Issues

At Computer Speed Shop(CSS) we have fixed many problems for home, home office and small business. Some of the problems we've solved include Virus Removal, Malware Removal, Spyware Removal, New Computer Set for customer have brought new computer and need help setting up their computer also we have done Wireless or Wired Networking set-up.

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