Need to remove virus, re direct, and malware fast? Would you like to quickly gain the know how to fix other peoples computers? Quickly remove virus from your pc the right way! You will get a professional TOOL KIT for virus removal! Save the $149.00 it cost to remove a virus.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Virus and malware removal tools!
  • Computer tutorials/ Virus repair services!

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  Person Gerard MacDonald
  City Austin , TX

Business Representative

Gerard MacDonald

Virus Removal Specialist

..."after working with so many different people... knowing how much they get charged for tune up and virus removal, I wanted to give the secrets to the public very low cost."

Microsoft Certified Technician from leading tech support company reveals the secrets of making your computer super fast and gives you the tools to fix other pc's for profit!

Customer Testimonials

Gerard is very knowledgeable, friendly and he took care of all my issues with my computer.
Gerard MacDonald was very helpful and knowledgeable, I appreciate all his help. He is outstanding!
I appreciate the extra titbits to make our new computer run correctly--and that you don't talk down to a computer novice. Thanks.