When your PC is in need of fixing , we will arrive to your house or company and pickup your computer; TALK ABOUT CONVENIENT ! Just want to repair your machine for less than other local computer repair businesses? Bring it to us. We have an estimated one to three day completion time on all fixings.

Unlike other companies, Computer Repair Lynchburg does not have a pre-purchased inventory. The local competition will take more money from each client for pre-purchased inventory that they bought at wholesale, regardless of the quality. At ComputerRepairLynchburg.com, we research items through Internet to find the hardware and software that is created to OUTPERFORM all the others. Plus, when that highly rated, client tested hardware and software is matched with the lowest Internet price in the world, it is truly the best quality hardware and software at the best possible price. You pay the same exact rate that we payed to purchase your specific, compatible PC hardware. We only charge for labor! Those are the products you will get from ComputerRepairLynchburg.com. The best performance and quality for the best price.

We will help you troubleshoot your problem! Once we specify the part that needs replacing, you will be presented with a list of compatible parts. Then YOU select your part based upon Quality VS Price depending on YOUR budget! If you would rather not install your part and you are in our service area, drop your PC, request a House Call, or submit an online Fix My PC troubleshooting form to get an idea of what is wrong and how much it will cost to fix. Fix My PC

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Virus Removal - Laptop Desktop Repair and Upgrades - Custom Computer Construction
  • Security Performance Software Upgrades - Network Setup - Automatic Backups
  • Free Estimates - Parts/Service Warranty - Big Internet Parts Discounts

Serviced Areas

  • Forest, Timberlake, and Lynchburg Virginia, Goode, Bedford, Altavista, Rustburg, Amherst, Concord, Evington Virginia

Contact Details

  City Forest , VA
  Zip Code 24551
  Address Near Waterlick Road / Timberlake Road Intersection
  Phone Number (434) 515-3272

Products & Services

Online Laptop Desktop Computer Troubleshooting Form

See Installation Chart/Add Cost of Parts
Online Laptop Desktop Computer Troubleshooting Form

Fill out this online form and diagnose your computer issues. Is your computer slow? Is your computer broken? We will troublshoot your PC and fix your computers software or hardware.

Build Your Own Low Cost / High-End Computer!

$300 Plus add Cost of Parts
Build Your Own Low Cost / High-End Computer!

Due to the massive influx of user ratings and reviews via the Internet, High-end, Custom built computers can be built by matching the top rated, most quality parts for the best prices available on the internet, at a fraction of what a similar pre-manufactured computer would cost.
Tell us how much you have to spend and we will hand pick your parts so that your computer is the best it can be for the price!
The construction includes a 1 Year 50% Off Service Discount On All Offered Services and 1 Free Virus Removal. Plus, complete setup with complete PC data backups configured (must purchase a backup drive) along with security/performance/wireless and wired network/most common programs, and user programs installed and configured; Try getting all that from a pre-manufactured PC!