We are a local data recovery company and we perform data recovery on damaged and faulty media such as hard drives, SSD, RAID, servers, tape cartridges, memory cards and USB flash drives.

If you landed on this website, the chances are you lost some vital data and you are looking for a local data recovery company in Chicago to help recover it for you. Whether it is valuable family pictures, business or financial documents, videos of your child's first steps, or you just want to retrieve the music library, you have accumulated through the years, we will do everything we can to recover it for you.

The advice we give clients is: as soon as you realize there is an issue with your media, you need unplug it from the power source. if you keep it running and try to make it work, you may likely cause more damage which may possibly result in serious data loss. Do not try to recover it yourself if you are not a data recovery technician and do not use one of those utilities such as Chkdsk because it can make things worse. It will also make the data recovery effort more difficult later on and thus more expensive.

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  City Chicago , IL
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  Address 6141 W Touhy Ave
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Products & Services

Hard Drive Data Recovery

This is a common issue that we see quite often where a hard drive has bad sectors that can not be read. The remainder of the data however is still safe. Computer Labs provides data recovery on all sorts of hard drives including IDE, EIDE, SATA, SAS and SCSI hard drives for Windows and Mac, desktops and laptops. Our data recovery technicians have been trained to successfully recover data from damaged hard drives, solid state (SSD) hard drives and removable media. Our data recovery technicians can also recover data from corrupt file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and others used by Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac computers, Linux or Unix operating systems.

Broken Memory Stick

This issue can occur when the memory stick gets bent by accident or someone sits on it or steps on it the older the memory stick the weaker the connector gets weak from being inserted and removed from the USB ports on the computer. Any excessive force can break the memory stick and render it inaccessible. We may recover from this memory stick by removing the physical memory chips and recovering the data from them.

Solid State Drive Data Recovery

We provide data recovery on solid state drives right here in Chicago. Because SSD is a new technology and the drives do not have any moving parts, some people assume that they are immune to failure and data loss. The fact of the matter is, they can fail too just like your typical internal or external hard drives that have moving parts. Some of the causes of failure include: sudden power loss, magnetic fields or electric charge.

Customer Testimonials

I am happy that I got my data back. I am happier to have googled and found Morotech. This is a small business with the most hospitable group of technician any customer wishes for. Greatest turn around. Very reasonably priced, I recovered my data with an estimated quote of 99-199 for logical recovery. Surprisingly, I was charged 99 instead of full price. All I had to do was to go to Target across the street and hang out for 2 hours.