Whether you need computers, laptops, or a web site for your home business or cameras for your office, we have what you need at prices you can afford. At Charles PC Repair, our goal is to provide you with courteous, expedient, professional service of the highest caliber.
Browse our Web site for more information about Charles PC Repair products and services. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Charles PC Repair representative regarding our products or services, please e-mail us at charles@charlespcrepair.com or call us at 812-202-2414.


We are here for all your data, communication, web, cabling, and security needs. No matter if it's residential, business, or commercial. We work on all different kinds, of computers and laptops, Dell, HP, Compaq, Gateway, IBM, Sony, ect. We work on all the windows based operating systems

If you need a network setup we can supply you with all the routers, wireless routers, switches, ethernet net cables, and everything you need to make it run as smoothly and easily as it can be. Our technicians can come directly to you for support and help you troubleshoot on the phone or online. If you need hardware or software we can order it have it to you in a few days and come directly to your home or office and install it for you. For information go our Charles PC Repair Networking site at www.ctextremenetworking.com


Security problems are now a thing of the past, if you have Charles PC Repair. We can provide you with all the equipment you need to protect you and your family. With the camera systems, you have 2 options. You can go with the DVR standalone receiver, or you can go with the computer base option. We have hidden cameras, dome, infrared, spy, zoom, night vision, waterproof, wireless and microchip cameras. You can get CCD, CCTV and RCA. You can get them in high resolution or if your trying to save money low resolution, they also come in color and black and white, you can get them for inside and outside, and they are cheaper then you think. And with some systems you can view your cameras anywhere you have a internet connection. For more information go our Charles PC Repair Security site at www.ctextremesecurity.com


Need a web site too? Well we can help with that. If its HTML, Flash, Java or even PHP we can get it done. We can have you a professional looking web site online in no time in just a few hours. Our designers and developers have been doing web design and graphics for years and they know how to get the job done right. If you have templates or logos that you already have, we can also work with that too. We can optimize your site to where it will have a higher ratings on google and yahoo and get more hits then some of your other competitors. If you need advertising, we can also help you with that too. For more information go to our Charles PC Repair Web Design site at www.ctextremewebdesigners.com


Are you having trouble getting customers? Is your business running slower then you want? Do you not have a lot of money to advertise? Would you also like to make money while you advertise? Would you like to make the money back you put into advertising and then some? Well then we have just the thing for you. We are working on a new advertising campaign, and we are would like you to join. The target areas right now is the tri state area for IN, KY, and OH. Some of the major sites are, Cincinnati, Fairfield, Hamilton, Mason, Milford, Loveland, Blanchester, Harrison, Florence, Covington, Villa Hills, Independence, Union, Taylor Mill, Elsmere, Burlington, Highland Heights, Walton, Alexandria, Crittenden, Dry Ridge, Sanders, Warsaw, Carrollton, Sparta, Hanover, Madison, Vevay, Patriot, Rising Sun, Aurora, East Enterprise, Dillsboro, Milan, Moores Hill, Osgood, Sunman, Batesville, Lawrenceburg, Greendale and more, and all of the surrounding cities around those cities also. We are in the process of building a website for you to go to and all the information will be on that site. If you have any questions before the site it up, feel free to call me at 812-202-2414.

PC Tricks

PC Tricks page is going to have alot of things on it that you did not know that you can do with your computer. Some of it you might already know and some of it you might be amazed by. Some of it is tricky and some of you might not want to do it because you might think you will mess your computer up. If you think you will not be able to do it then don't attempt it. If you have any information that you would like to add just email me at charles@charlespcrepair.com and make the subject PC TRICKS

PC Fixes

PC fixes page is going to have a lot of information on here about how to fix your computer when it goes down or when something is wrong with it. It going to take us some time to get all this information on here because we are working on all parts of the site also. If you have any information that you would like to add just email me at charles@charlespcrepair.com and make the subject PC FIXES.


The gaming page is going to help people out with games on web sites like Myspace and Facebook. There are lots of games on each web site, and theses are thousands of people that play them each day. This will be a good spot for them to go to and get information and each of the games that are on each site. If you have any information that you would like to add just email me at charles@charlespcrepair.com and make the subject GAMING TIPS.

At Charles PC Repair, the customer always comes first.

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  Person Charles PC Repair
  City Rising Sun, IN
  Zip Code 47040
  Address 121 North High St.
  Phone Number (812) 202-2414
  Mobile (812) 202-2414

Business Representative

Charles PC Repair


Blue Ash, OH

Certificates: Certificate of Completion
Graduation Date: February 2006

Certificates studied for: MCP MCSA, MCSE
Studied: Microsoft Windows 2003 Pro/Server/XP installation and configuration, Active Directory administration and design, DNS, DHCP, Routing, Remote Access, TCP/IP and troubleshooting network connectivity, Windows 2003 - Network Infrastructure, Directory Services, Network Environment, Directory Services Infrastructure, Network Security. LAN/WAN, routers, switches, hubs, firewall, fault tolerance, network security, RAM, hard drives, basic network security, server administration, and network protocols.

Cincinnati State Technical and Community College
Cincinnati, OH

Major: Business Computer Programming
Degree: Associate of Applied Science - AAS

Courses Taken: English, Excel, Visual Basice.net, Accounting, and Computer Information Technology

South Eastern Career Center
Versailles, IN

Certificate: Computer Repair Technology
Graduation Date: 2003

Studied: Install, configure, upgrades, diagnoses, and troubleshoot hardware. Installed Dos, 95, 98, NT, 2000, and XP. Installed printers and scanners. Installed modems, sound, video, and network cards, ect.

Products & Services

Total System Cleanup


Well you get ALL your viruses taken off and programs installed to keep them off, and a total system cleanup, that gets rid of any unneeded programs and files that you don't use and that is just taking up space, and slowing your computer down. There are a number of other things that i do to it to speed it up and get it running like it was brand new again.

The everything package


You get the Virus removal, the Total system cleanup, and if there is any problems that you are having with your computer, I will also fix those along with adding any parts to your computer for free, plus the price of the part.

Virus removal


Well 99. 99% of computers now these days have a virus, spyware, or malware on their computer. They can make your computer run slow, delete files from your computer and some spyware and malware can even get your personal information. Some spyware and malware will act as a virus program telling you that you have all these viruses and to get rid of them you have to buy the program, and that's one way they can get you personal information like your address and credit card information. I can get rid of those for you and install programs on there that will keep them off.