Computer Repair in Sherwood Oregon supporting all of the Portland Metro Area. Web design solutions. Working with a variety of businesses solving their information technology, systems, and business problems. CG Consulting is dedicated to serving the individual needs of customers. Web design & hosting. Computer repair, Security cameras, Remote technical support.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Computer Repair
  • Web Design
  • Remote Technical Support

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Supporting both Residential & Commercial Businesses

Serviced Areas

  • Sherwood, Tigard, Tualatin, Beaverton, Hilsboro Oregon

Payment Options

  • Debit Cards, MasterCard, PayPal, Personal Checks, VISA

Contact Details

  City Sherwood , OR
  Zip Code 97140
  Address 18029 SW swanstrom Drive
  Phone Number (503) 347-1238

  • I would not recommend this business

As a legitimate technology professional, I feel a responsibility to provide feedback on Chris Griffin's technical services. I provide consulting services to a former client of Chris'. Here is an abridged account of a small portion of the unprofessional services he provided:

- Charged for yearly off-site backup services that were later stated to be hosted in his living room. However, there is no evidence of any off-site backup taking place.

- Recommended the purchase of 2 servers that were grossly over spec'ed. Spending $1000s more than needed. A simple file server of $800 would have sufficed.

- The 2 servers were recommended for his own personal gain. The servers were used to host Chris' gaming services, . These servers were hosted on the clients sites. Complete misuse of client resources.

- The servers 'failed' twice. The first failure was a year after purchase and was 'covered under a 5 year warranty', so it was replaced, however Chris personally kept the supposed 'failed' server. The second time, failure was again approx. a year after purchase. Chris picked up the server from the clients site, investigated it at his shop where he determined that the rack-mount server failed due to the client 'not dusting it out'. This simply does not happen. Chris also kept this server. Essentially he used his client to garner servers for his own gain.

-There is/was no documentation of any kind available. Not a single password documented, not a single process or service documented.

- There is/was no backups available, on-site or off-site.

- The client was forced to pay Chris directly for all hardware , software, and services, with no itemized bills. The costs being paid were exceptionally exorbitant. Giving reason to believe charges were made up or inflated.

-When migrating the clients wordpress site from one webhost to another, the website files were transferred directly; Rather than exporting and importing the site to and from wordpress. So, all wordpress functionality is now broken and the site must be maintained manually. This is an example of being unfamiliar/inexperienced.

- When the client decided to go with a different IT Consultant, Chris informed the client that there will be an $800 transfer fee. Which is completely uncharacteristic of the IT Consulting industry. When the client questioned the fee and expressed his disagreeance, Chris disabled the clients email services, shutdown internal servers, and held all the clients data. Essentially he was extorting the client. Chris told the client 'Well thats what happens when you don't pay your bill'. After a call to the district attorneys office, Chris re-enabled all the services. He then stated how he was suicidal, in bad health, and how the client was his last client, and begged for the transfer fee to be paid. This is not in any way how a professional legitimate IT consultant would operate.

In my professional opinion, Chris robbed and extorted this client, as well as provided unprofessional and non-standard solutions.

I must add, that over the past 8 months, the client has always paid promptly with out question, and has been a joy to work with. This is my first review of another consultant in 17 years , and I regret having to do so. However, it would be irresponsible for me not to disseminate this information.

PLEASE AVOID UTILIZING ALL PROFESSIONAL SERVICES FROM CG Consulting or Chris Griffin. His honesty and integrity has shown to be in question. This is the first and foremost aspect to be considered when trusting your businesses data and resources to an IT Consultant.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingPoor

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