Virus, Spyware Removal and Performance Tuning -$40.00
Annoying unexpected popups, sluggish computers, data loss, these are all signs of a virus or spyware. Here at Solutions we will remove viruses and spyware from your computer and make sure itís running properly.

Computer Rebuilds -$80.00/hr
Operating System Reinstall or complete custom computer builds, we can do it.

Desktop Hardware and Software Installs -$45.00
Installing hardware maybe easy, but for those that are not certified or trained to work inside a computer need to seek professional assistance. Let Bowmans I.T. Solutions install any hardware for you and test to make sure your hardware is working at its best performance.
*Laptop hardware repairs are based on an hourly rate, Please inquire via email or call us for the current rates.

Home Network Setup -Call for Pricing
Sometimes it's not easy as 1 2 3 to setup a new wireless router with your laptop or desktop. Here at Solutions we will not only make your network work but we can secure it as well.

Peripheral Setup -$65.00
As time passes, printers become more advance and can be harder for someone to setup. Wireless, bluetooth, ethernet or usb, we can make it work for you.

Quality and Professional Work
We offer our services at low cost for home users with a low budget in mind while they are assured professional work.

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  Person Bowmans I.T. Solutions
  City Lewisberry , PA
  Phone Number (717) 668-1866