Computers and technology are now a part of our everyday lives. It seems that most of us canít even go a day without going online to read our email or catch up on the latest news. The Internet has transformed the way we do our everyday business from online banking to getting the latest novel the minute that we want it right on your e-reader. With all that good itís a fact of life that something bad will happen and thatís when technology can drive us all nuts. When IT doesnít work the way that it was designed, thatís when you need a helping hand that you can trust.

Whether your computer isnít performing the way you feel it should, your network seems to be slow, or if you feel your office needs a little IT help Bay Computing and Consulting has the knowledge and expertise to help you solve your issues in a quick and effective manner.

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When you have a technology emergency, it can cause your business to grind to a halt. Our emergency IT Support Service will get you rolling again, fast. A BayCCS technician will come out to your business and fix any IT issues as they arise. We understand how difficult and frustrating it can be when your technology is working against you instead of working for you. We are glad to offer our Emergency IT Support Service to our clients.

Take a moment to think about all the critical data stored on your network; passwords and logins, customer information, financial reports, employee records and much more. Now imagine losing all of that information. Scary, huh? Your companyís data is one of your most valued assets. Without proper data backup and recovery procedures in place, this data can fall prey to malicious attacks and system failures. We offer data backup and recovery services specifically designed to safeguard your valued information.

When a computer goes down in your office, itís an instant emergency. There are no Ďminorí networking difficulties in a real world business setting; only work-flow halting disasters. At BayCCS, we understand that simple fact of business. In fact, we embrace it. We can handle all your computer repair and support needs quickly, reducing productivity loss, no matter the size of your business.

Connectivity isnít just a buzz-word anymore, itís a fact of business. You need instant and secure access to your data at all times, and computer networking from BayCCS gives that to you. Whether your organization is establishing a brand new network, or simply looking to optimize or expand an existing network, our expertly trained technicians can have you up and running in no time!

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It is a solid business investment to have an established and reliable system of networking set up by an IT professional. This can reduce potential stress and unnecessary issues in the office.
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