Armor IT Solutions is a Lincoln company that repairs, maintains, and supports desktops, laptops, severs, and Macintosh computers.

Founded in Lincoln, we understand the appreciation for value. We are Lincoln natives and we love our local clients . Our two guiding principals are: A) Great client service B) Competitive pricing. Armor IT Solutions is committed to our customers and our community.

At Armor IT Solutions, we use only the most modern and most technologically superior remote computer repair systems. Quite simply, we are a contemporary remote computer repair center. We are 'leading edge' when it comes to computer repair, especially as it pertains to remote access. We are the leaders in the field of remote computer repair. One of our biggest advantages is our ability to remote into your PC. We use ultra quick and completely secure devices that are on the forefront of the remote computer repair technology revolution. The best part is that you get to watch us while we remotely repair your system; you see everything while we are working.

Contact Details

  City Lincoln , NE
  Zip Code 68522
  Address 1401 Sw 14th St
  Phone Number (402) 370-8890

Products & Services

Desktop Tune-up Optimization

Desktop Tune-up Optimization

Are you like most people who brought their desktops home, ecstatic about how fast it was running, and now months later are not glad with how much it has slowed down? Do you feel like everything you do is sluggish and takes forever to load? Let us tune-up your desktop or completely optimize it for speed and efficiency and get it running like new! The services we provide are:

Desktop Tune-Up

We'll quickly repair the most common problems plaguing desktops: Startup clutter, registry errors, temporary file overload, poor anti-virus security, disk fragmentation, and more! If you don't think your computer has any issues but just isn't living up to its speed potential, this is the service for you.

Desktop Optimization

Oftentimes through use or even fresh out of the box, your desktop can become burdened with bloatware, spyware, malware, registry errors, Startup clutter, fragments on your disk, poor choices in software, and more. Desktop Optimization will optimize everything about your desktop for speed, efficiency, and safety. We'll have it working even better than it was on day one!

Virus removal

Virus removal

At Armor IT Solutions, we make computer virus removal simple. Just call us'any day or any time, holidays and weekends included and after a short setup, one of our Technology Experts will start fixing your computer and removing all of your viruses.

We make it easy, too. Everything can happen over your broadband Internet connection. This means that you won't have to disconnect your PC and drag it out to a service center, nor will you need to invite strangers into your home. Just contact us and we'll immediately get to work on finding and fixing the following:

Computer viruses
Conficker virus
Alureon trojan
Mocmex trojan
Torpig trojan
Stinger virus
Nyxem worm
Warezov worm
Bifrost trojan
Zlob trojan
Any new threats that appear

Network support

Network support

You may think that since your company exceeds 1, 000 computer users, you need a full-time onsite team. Think again. Computer network support for big business can be outsourced. According to a recent study 26% of all organizations plan to increase their outsourcing of software development, while only 5% plan to decrease their use. IT outsourcing is, in fact, most popular among large companies - not Armor IT Solutions. The trend today is that large companies are reluctant to add IT staff perhaps because of fluctuations in the need for IT personnel - remember the dot-com boom and Y2K and the resulting cutbacks in IT spending and staffing? Years of cost-cutting have left many corporations helpless when it comes to the ability of their IT workforce to meet organizational goals.

Your firm's computer network support cannot be left to chance. Armor IT Solutions team of IT professionals can handle your computer network support on a grand scale. Whether you want to update your infrastructure, eliminate risk, streamline your services, or simply cut costs and get the most from your IT investment we have the equipment and know-how to execute the proper objectives to ensure your network really performs. The benefits far outweigh the costs when it comes to your company's computer network support.

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Very pleasant experience. The technician knew the best way to help me with my virus. Was able to remove and clean this from my system with no data loss. What I thought was the best part is they offered me a great virus removal tool that was actually free and has done a better job then my old McAfee that cost me monthly. Will definitely be going back for all my tech needs.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

We recently had an issue with our IT guy. Our system had been infected with a nasty Trojan virus that crippled our ability to do business. While we did receive assistance from our previous IT support service, they only completed part of the job and then left us hanging for what would have been 3 weeks unacceptable! We needed the work to be completed as soon as possible, but were questioning whether another service could just pick up where the other service left off. A friend recommended Armor IT Solutions. Not only were they more reasonably priced, but they resolved our issues and completed the project within one business day! Professional, timely, and understanding of our needs! Thanks Armor IT Solutions!