Our first PC was a bulky 1980's era Compaq portable. It came with a built-in 8" monochrome CRT and flip down keyboard. There was no mouse adapter, you used fingertip control only. Memory was limited to the dinosaur era 640K conventional RAM with a whopping 10Meg HDD including the now extinct 5.25 "real" floppy disc. The OS platform ran DOS 3.0 with that ugly C: prompt waiting for you to key in the next command. Our first upgrade was an external 2400 baud modem ... and things were great!

In the mid-90's I started learning HTML coding using the basic text editor notepad. Soon afterwards, I began night study courses in relational database theory and design at our local college. For more than 7 years, I worked as a database administrator and VBA programmer while tackling the tedious chores of Network Administration in the IT department for a local Midland business. I have built and worked on numerous computers dating back to the DOS/Windows 3.0 era, when a stick of RAM was worth it's weight in gold. To add ... this website is of my own design and coding. It is written in .php and utilizes a secure MySQL database with an array of backend tools that benefit both the user and site administrators. This site is also secured with 256-bit SSL encryption for any user information submitted.

The computer industry continues to amaze us with the rapid growth in technology, not just in network hardware and software programs, but also the migration to web based server applications opening up a whole new market for both business and consumers. A welcome to everyone who uses a computer today.

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Tower Builds

Tower Builds

Why buy a "PC" designed for everyone? A PC (personal computer) should be designed just for you!

Computer Repair

Computer Repair

Today's computers are highly reliable and can offer years of trouble-free use when protected with top-rated anti-virus/malware software and properly scheduled maintenance. Having stated that, even a well maintained PC will eventually experience a system crash or develop an annoying bug that somehow entered the environment.

Web Design

Web Design

Should your own personal web site be something of interest to you, please contact us for further information. For serious inquiries, we offer a free consultation to discuss all the details at your convenience. You'll be surprised how inexpensive owning your own site really is!

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I've had the pleasure of knowing Tony for more than 6 years. In that time, his computer skills and knowledge never ceased to amaze me. He quickly became a necessity for our office. Anytime a computer froze, crashed, or needed upgrading, Tony was the guy we would call. He built many computers for our company and was the administrator of our server, network, and all our databases. He is extremely accurate and knowledgeable in his field. The combination of his experience and work ethic is the reason I will only use Anderson Computer Services for my PC needs.

My name is Boog Childers, and I have had the pleasure of working with Tony Anderson for my computer needs this past year. It has been a pleasant experience. I have found Tony to be dependable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. He is very reasonable, and makes computer problems a minor thing. I recommend him highly.

I have used Tony Anderson as my personal computer technician as well as our business tech. He is highly knowledgable in the computer field and I have never had a problem that he could not solve. He is extremely dependable, trustworthy and honest. I know of no one else I would trust as much as Tony for whatever problems I may encounter.