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Contact Details

  Person Bruce and Rodelyn Knevitt
  City Marathon , FL
  Zip Code 33050
  Address 5160 Overseas Hwy
  Phone Number (305) 743-1875

Business Representative

Bruce and Rodelyn Knevitt


  • I would not recommend this business
  • If you get overcharged, you don't get refunded!!!

The person that runs the place has no customer service skills. When I picked up my son's computer the first time it was fixed, the gentleman was on vacation, so the lady that charged me didn't know that I was being overcharged. When I went back and spoke to the gentleman the second time that I took my son's computer, I told him that I was charged the service charge plus for an antivirus. He asked me if I had a desktop and I told him "No, I have a laptop". He admits to me that he had sold an antivirus to a customer with a desktop, ignored his comment that I was given the wrong ticket and continue to help me with my son's computer. After Hurricane Irma, I wasn't able to pick up my son's computer due to the fact that I didn't have the money to take it out.

He calls me to remind me that my son's computer is still there. I mentioned to him that what's going to happen about the first charge that I overpaid and that I didn't request nor did I receive the antivirus from the first repair. He tells me that some of the websites that my son might have gone is to blame for the computer malfunctioning. I'm not blaming him for not fixing my son's computer, I'm telling him that I was overcharged and wanted my money back. To top it off, his phone connection was very poor, just like his customer service skills. I'm pretty sure one customer stop going to his business is not going to hurt his finances at all. I just want to get the word out there that make sure you pay for what you take your computer in there for because the gentleman will not reimburse you for his mistake.

Service & support
Overall ratingFair

Customer Testimonials

Excellent service + very helpful, pleasant staff. Fixed my problem within minutes whilst explaining everything to me so I would be able to solve it myself in future. Would definitely recommend and will be using them again.

Super friendly staff. Experts at what they do. Reasonable prices. They explain what was wrong, what they did, and what your paying for. I'll be sure to go back if any more computer problems I can't fix arise.

Super fair and really friendly! My phone was fixed in 30 min. They treated it like it was their own phone that was broken. I couldn't be happier with the service. (they should open a mechanic shop, haha) Thank you!